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  1. So glad you are happy I love mine and I'm now 5 wks post op! Just booked my flights to Sydney for my two month post op check. I also felt pretty stiff/uncomfortable for about two weeks .. Thinks it's a combination of everything. Look forward to hearing how they continue to settle in ?
  2. I had no pain at all and they didn't bounce around. 1.5 weeks and we were fine but nothing other than missionary slightly elevated. And no leaning on me. Yes the big o hurt a bit the first couple of time and it was like a tight pressure on chest
  3. Haha well my dr said two weeks... And my husband was heading overseas two weeks after my surgery.... Think we waited til day four. It was definitely for him... I remained elevated about 45 degrees and he didn't touch them or put pressure on them .... Just looking was enough ?? We were careful and if I was sore or uncomfortable we stopped. Think as long as you don't get excited and raise your heart rate .... You'll be fine. I waited 1.5 wks before I let myself get excited... sorry if that's a bit detailed but hope it helps you girls and your partners as you heal.
  4. @KittenLover I have just posted some pictures. You can see my left has dropped and it's really soft. My right is taking its sweet time... My husband is still overseas gets home Wednesday morning!! He is trekking through Asia so reception has been bad. Looking forward to having him home ?
  5. I'm mentor 430 high profile. I'm nearly 4 weeks and my have dropped a bit or its swelling that's disappeared in the last 2 wks.At about 2.5 weeks I thought all my swelling had gone but I have changed a lot in the last week . I spent from week two to three with no bra on to in courage the drop ( dr recommendations ).., ski jump look a bit more and it worked really well . I will post more pics tomorrow.
  6. Doctor Tavakoli. Can not fault my nearly 4 wk old newbies! I traveled from qld to have him do my surgery because he made me feel safe and understood what I wanted. Staff and hospital were amazing. He has an extensive reputation for all sorts of complicated cases. He is known for performing the most breast surgeries in Australia. Please check out his social media forums and also there is a page on here that you could read through about what other girls went through with him! Could not recommend him anymore!!
  7. Looks really good. Not to big at all
  8. One large glass a day .. Don't overdo it ? Looking forward to seeing pics
  9. I'm now 3 weeks post op and interstate patient. I had surgery on a Wednesday. One app on the Friday ( good Friday ) and then one in the Tuesday before I flew home. I don't need to see Dr till two months with nurse skype dates inbetween. As for pain in the right side, mine is only slowly going now but that breast is still firmer that my left. Are you right handed? As the extra use of your right hand can make the breast tender. with the bloating mine didn't go till two weeks unfortunately. Even when my prune juice kicked in I was still bloated for two full weeks. So glad you are happy with the size. Early days... Mine have changed so much in last week
  10. Oh @JessJN you bring back memories. Stay on top of your pain killers and try get some sleep today. And yes I think everyone has their moments think I had my fair share and still do! Had a great day yesterday but completely overdid it and today I'm so tired. Wow thank you so much X I'm so critical on myself and with my husband away I don't have his constant staring and positive comments haha. to encourage them to come closer I have cup the outside (under my arm part of my breast) of my left with my right and vise versa and squeeze them together. Insuring that I am moving the implant not just the skin.. It was very painful at first but not anymore. i ended up with 430cc high profile. I have an 11 yr old whom I breast feed for about 15 months so my skin was quite stretchy... thanks again for the positive feed back. @Ruby2015 think I got stuck in my bed so many times... It's so frustrating not being able to do simple things
  11. I love this comment makes me laugh! My husband is away at the moment he's now been gone a wk and won't be home for another. Every time he calls(face time) he wants an update on my breasts. By the time he gets home they will have changed so much. I'm excited to show him the progress in real life ?
  12. @Emi I have similar stats to you and was a deflated c or d cup. I had 430cc and love my breasts! I'm still working on creating better cleavage through exercises as my breasts originally sat quite far apart. My Dr would have done a fat transfer to my cleavage but due to my small frame I had none. Have a look on my profile for befores and afters. I'm 3 wks tomorrow so early days
  13. Hi Hun, my stats are slightly smaller than yours 165 cm 53 kg unsure BW I was a deflated c-d cup and I had 430 high anatomicals. I have pictures in my page if you want to friend me. I'm now 3 wks post op so only early days
  14. Yes same it's not the easiest site to use but it's great having girls to chat with.
  15. I saw two. Side and front on. But don't know if they are both new.
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