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    350cc dual plane
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    Mark Lee 9/12/15
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    165cm /58kg /small A cup

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  1. Yeah he just suggested a crop top for first few weeks then a sports bra. But the sports bra all press on my bruised ribs so I keep going back to the crop! I just hope it's not going to affect the end result :-/
  2. I've had loads of mixed reports of what post op garment surgeons recommend wearing. Mine said a soft crop top is fine for the first 6 weeks, but then others have said I should have a compression bra on or a tight sports bra? What are the benefits of a tighter top, rather than my soft stretchy crop?
  3. I vomited on the way home. So surprised as I've been under general anesthetic 2x already this year and was fine! So strange. Bring spew bag just incase!
  4. I said that to the reception but she was quite blunt, saying that he actually needed to see me in person. Add another $250 odd for the appointment as well! :-/
  5. Im just after advice on follow up app with your surgeon; I live 3hrs away from my surgeon, and have 3 little kids, and my clutch just went in my car, and its 8 days till Christmas! :-( I can't afford to get back up to see my dr not do I have the means any ways, but they are insisting I should come in and get checked. I understand why I need to, but I saw a gp at day5 and she said I looked fine post op, swelling isn't too bad, minimal pain just under boobs n kinda on the side of my ribs. Am I risking future damage if I miss this appointment? :-/
  6. Hey girls I have surgery booked for the 9th dec I'm getting 350cc in and I'm A tiny a at the moment. I had bought tickets to Wonderland in Perth ages ago and note I'm really worried I'm going to be too swollen a and sore as the festival is literally 10 after surgery.... Any advice on bringing down swelling so I'm more comfortable and not so massive and shiny???
  7. Can anyone recommend a super comfy after surgery bra?? Im going 350cc from a very small A. Totally excited. And nervous.
  8. Hi I just would like to know if any one knows anything about Dr Mark Lee? Also, I have this idea in my head (and 1000 pics on my fone) of how I want my boobs to look... is it unrealistic to expect a certain look?! I want them just like these!! Im a 12a atm.
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