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    Hawkesbury Region, NSW
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    19.11.15: Breast Lift ~ Bringing my girls back into the game after my pregnancies/massive weight loss
    19.11.15: Abdominoplasty + Lipo ~ Correcting of damage done from my pregnancies/massive weight loss and the removal of-my-not-so-loved love handles
    19.11.15: Upper Blepharoplasty ~ Correction of a troublesome inherited trait (Thanks Nan)
    18.12.15: Dysport injections
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery
    Mid November 2015 - Dr Gavin Sandercoe
  • Measurements
    163cm ~ 70kg and dropping (on my way back to 62kg) ~ 12DD/E
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    Director (1 company) / Office Manager & PA (another company)

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  1. On the 19th of November I had a breast lift done without implants. I love it. My husband is amazed! Neither of us like the idea of the additional surgeries that follow having an augmentation done, among other things. Despite still being in compression gear they still look reasonably sized to me. I was more E than DD before and now I would definitely be a comfortable DD. (Most of my swelling has already gone down across the board so it is easier for me to judge at this early stage). I am super pleased!! No regrets so far. (I had a few other things done also and I am definitely ecstatic at the overall results and we are only 2 weeks on).
  2. Would you recommend loose singlet dresses as well as button up stuff? I have some button up stuff but heaps of singlet dresses i can step into and pull up.
  3. So there is just less than a week until surgery and I am trying to make sure I have packed everything... (more so packed the right things). I am having a breast lift (no implant), tummy tuck (hip to hip), a little liposuction and an upper eye lift. I will be admitted to hospital for 4 days - at least one in the IC unit (**good times). Any help would be great. What I have so far: 2x sleep shirts1x pair of shorts1x pair of lounge pants1x Robe1x Surgical bra Warm socks (Hospitals are always chilly)Book, art stuff and the surface for entertainment in hospitalNatural laxatives for all the time Dry shampoo, wipes, moisturisers, lip balms... etcWater bottle with strawDo I buy compression garments for my tummy tuck? Should I wait to see what the surgeon says? I feel like I am missing stuff any suggestions?
  4. This is me! My surgery is next thursday though. My crazy mind fills will wild scenarios. Deep breaths soon you will be healed and fabulous and all these worries will be a distant memory.
  5. That was my main concern too - I didn't like the idea that I was going to get a lift, and implants and then in the future I was going to get the same problem I started with. I am slightly concerned that my body with reject the implants - mostly because my body is annoying like that. @MMO..DD! Did you do the lift & tummy tuck (AKA Mummy Makeover) procedure all in one go? I am booked in for my lift, upper eye lid and tummy tuck in 3 weeks (**ekkkk**)... I was wondering how you found healing?
  6. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes please, if you don't mind. Are you still pleased?
  7. That you so much for sharing your experience. I am feeling more confident with just going for the lift although I totally understand the boob greed statement! My husband assures me we can look into implants in the future if I'm really not happy - he is totally a boob man so I am thinking he is probably right also. Please do keep me posted with how you continue to go... I have 6 weeks to go until the big day! **EXCITING**
  8. Please do The doc said 200cc for me too if I wanted more upper pole... I think I might just go the lift as long as they stay about DD
  9. Thank you for the post. I thought maybe I should just get the BL but there's a part of me that still worries that I will be disapointed. Have you had any issues with the implants so far?
  10. **UPDATE** Doc said - I am an excellent candidate for a lift only. I can get the implants (and small 200's at that) if I want a little more upper pole otherwise, I could keep my natural shape fine. He said I would lose about 1/2 a cup - I am a full DD/small E so it would keep me in my preferred cup without an implant. Funnily enough, he told me that it would be unlikely that I would have to change any bras anyways just because they would be sitting back up where they should, opposed to down where they are now. **Mental image of me gathering up my boobs into my bra, like stuffing clothes into a garbage bag / and then / me putting on a bra like a normal person and my boobs all up and ready to go, happy as**
  11. After first consultation - Extremely pleased with my choice. Great man who is very comfortable and knowledgeable about what he does. I went in extremely nervous and came out very pleased and confident! The countdown is on to the big day now! WOOHOO Staff are lovely and so welcoming. I will update here as I go.
  12. Oh dear really?! I will have to double check with them tomorrow. I am so terribly new at this. I will definitely take some panadol with me though
  13. Awesome! Thank you so much. I am nervously excited... although right now it is hard to tell which one I am more of.
  14. Hey everyone I am booked in for my first lot of (crows feet) botox treatment (tomorrow)... Is it worth me getting a little icepack for my eyes afterwards? I will have an hour to kill before I face relatives (to pick up my kids) who don't really support such things. Any help is great
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