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  1. I love the Berlei Ultimate for running too. I have it in my normal size 10DD but find the band quite generous.. I have to hook it on the tightest hooks to get a snug fit around the ribs.. Also I find if I clip the straps together to turn it into a cross back then it is really supportive & I have minimal movement (i can barely breathe but it does the trick).
  2. Hi Bec, I was 8 weeks on Tuesday as well ??. My post op instructions were to wait until after 6 weeks to run. I started last week - yay!! The first few times felt a little strange. Just a weird tight feeling in my pecs, but it is not a problem now. At first I was doubling up with my bras using my post op one with a tight sports crop over the top (because that was all I had) but I bought a Berlei ultimate sports bra online & have been wearing that lately. I find it really supportive. I also only have small implants though 295cc dual plane placement. So good to be active again - lots of work to do to make up for 8 weeks of slacking & plenty of Christmas cheer!!
  3. Sounds like a fab trip away!! My post op instructions say 6 weeks for swimming/spa etc.. So I would have thought you would definitely be good to go by 9 weeks?? Perhaps check with your surgeon to put your mind at ease. I am 6 weeks on Tuesday and counting down until I can swim!!
  4. I went back to work on my first non-post op bra day, so went the whole day in it. I wore a simple non-underwire t-shirt bra from target. Whilst it was a relief to have something different to wear, I was keen to get back into the post-op one that night as it just didn't have the flexibility or softness of the Carefix Alice. So handy to be able to pick and choose now, it opens up the wardrobe a little more!
  5. Nope, I didn't actually see that email, thank goodness.. I have a very weak stomach, so best if I avoid that one. My info came from the post-op nurse. She was so lovely & informative. First night in my own bed last night with my own soft pillows... Argh bliss!! Slept right through (on 2 mercyndol forte & a 3 pillow forte) but I don't think I will need any further pain medication today - I've turned a corner I think!! Goodluck today April642
  6. Hi Sjay I know it must be disappointing to not love them straight away. But remember you have a long way to go. Dr M warned me I would have a larger gap initially as he couldn't go in too far and risk symmastia due to my funnel chest. So I guess he helped manage my expectations and it wasn't such a shock when I saw them. I know I need to be extra patient given my circumstances, but they should come together in time. Did you start with little breast tissue? This apparently is also a factor which will mean they will take a little longer to settle. My post-op info mentions 'wide' cleavage is common if starting with small breasts and that it will take time (up to 9-12 months) for skin to relax and expand and for cleavage to become apparent. It is a big adjustment. I hope you start to feel better soon & they turn out just the way you hoped.
  7. Hi Jugs, happy 3 days PO to us!! I had my PO appointment with the Nurse today and she said it would be fine to go down to 2 pillows from now on, as long as if is comfortable.. I think it may be a while for me before 'morning boob' allows me to be sleeping so flat. She also said I could try sleeping on my side from 2 weeks. I am a tummy sleeper, so I am really struggling with this sitting up to sleep business. My ribs feel like they are imploding & my tailbone is constantly aching.. Just have to remember it is all temporary. A girlfriend of mine is 4 months PO and she is back on her tummy no problems :-) overthinking it, try to relax about your size.. I felt exactly the same way, having only has a phone consult and not having tries on sizers etc until the day before. But honestly, Dr M will look at your body shape, existing tissue, take your measurements & then make suggestions for you. It will ultimately be up to you as to what you are more comfortable with, but his recommendations are spot on. I learned today, that during the surgery he actually tries the sizers that were discussed in the pre-op appointment so he can see how they fit with your pec muscles etc, and he even sits you up so he can see which is the best option for you. That is how he knew the 330cc would just not work for me with the little tissue coverage I had. You are in great hands!!
  8. All done!! I went in at lunch time & got back about 8.30pm last night.. He went with the 295cc because the 330 was not going to suit my chest/bone structure. Although I haven't had a proper look yet, so far (looking down) I think they will be nice & subtle like I was hoping for :D. He really is so good at what he does. He will make you feel really comfortable & guide you to make the right decision for the results you are after. As he said to me 'Don't get bogged down worrying about the numbers (cc's)' because each person is so unique and will look different based on their anatomy. You are in great hands :-)
  9. Hi Ladies thanks everyone for the well wishes!! All went well I arrived back at the hotel about 8.30 last night, and was too out of it/sore to post sorry. Dr M ended up going with the 295cc as in the end the 330cc weren't an option due to my wacky rib/chest structure. So glad that the decision was made for me, as now there are no 'what ifs'. It is early days and I haven't really had a proper look yet, but I think I am going to be really happy with the size . Lots of changes to take place. He warned me they would sit quite far apart to begin with, due to the way my ribs slope and until my muscles relax, which is helpful to know to manage my expectations. Recovery last night was a bit rough. They had to give me some anti nausea drugs intravenously which really helped. Then when I got home I took the Valium and some mersyndol forte. I slept until 3.30am when I woke in quite a lot is pain so I took 2 more.. I am a bit scared of the endone as I hate feeling nauseous, but I might try that next. I have the wafers in case they make me sick.. Gosh, I feel like I would rattle if you shook me, with so many drugs!! What pain relief schedule worked for you guys? Did you set an alarm to wake you at night or just wake naturally to re-dose? What days were your worst pain wise? Thanks for your advice & support lovely ladies!!
  10. Hi overthinkingit. I tried on the 250, 295 and 330. He recommended the 330 as he thought it would give more shape and balance. But then he said if it is not me then to go with the 295. I agree with him about the shape of the 330. It just felt like a big jump trying them on and I just don't think I would be comfortable that big?? It is so hard to predict what each size will look like..
  11. Today is the day!! I am booked for this afternoon, so have snuck in an early breakfast before fasting. Big decisions today, tossing up between 295cc and 330cc. I always thought I would leave Dr M to make the final decision because I have faith in his judgement, but I know he is leaning towards the 330 and that is much bigger than I thought I would go!?!? Sorry about the quoting above, I can't get it to go away..
  12. Today is the day!! I am booked for this afternoon, so have snuck in an early breakfast before fasting. Big decisions today, tossing up between 295cc and 330cc. I always thought I would leave Dr M to make the final decision because I have faith in his judgement, but I know he is leaning towards the 330 and that is much bigger than I thought I would go!?!? Sorry about the quoting above, I can't get it to go away..
  13. Hi Emma_89, sending you a FR if that is okay. I have my surgery today with Dr M and have been sleeping on the same question of 295cc v 330cc?? . My gut tells me 295 (I am petrified of going too big) but I would love to see your pics!
  14. Hi Alaska Have been thinking of you and hoping you are starting to feel a little better one week on?? I am booked with Dr M on Tuesday .. Very nervous about the outcome & already anticipating a little post-op blues while they settle and soften... If only we had a crystal ball to peak 3-6 months down the track, I think it would be easier to get through the 'awkward' phase. Sending positive thoughts your way..
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