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  1. I wasn't expecting it either... I was really expecting him to tell me I could stop when I asked at the 3-month check, so was actually quite shocked when he said I should keep doing them for life.
  2. Hi @EmT, I've got smooth unders, and I wasn't told to massage, but was given exercises to do where I lift my boobs up and push them together etc. I asked at my 3 month check-up how long I needed to do them for and he said that I need to continue doing the exercises for life!
  3. Just checking in with how everyone is going. I had my 3 month post-op check yesterday. Mansoor was very happy with how everything looked and felt. He said they shouldn't change much more now. Got the all clear to start wearing underwire bras. He said to make sure to get bras that support all along the bottom of the breast, and not the ones that push the sides. After spending hours trying on bras, I think I've ended up a 10C. Pretty happy. Some days I still think I could have gone a little bigger, but Mansoor said there's not much more room to fit more in, so sort of eases my mind to know I'm basically at my max. Don't have to cover my scars anymore with the tape. He said to moisturise them with Bio Oil or similar. I've noticed my scars have moved quite a bit higher than my incision now. Has this happened to anyone else? I also still get the occasional pain on the inner-upper part of the boob, but he said that it was very normally and might still take quite a bit more time to go away. Next check will be in 8-9 months.
  4. I was really concerned about this too, as I had planned for my sister to help me out, but she ended up getting a big case and couldn't take time off work. But honestly, I was fine to take care of myself straight after the op. Definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, everyone heals differently, but one thing I can recommend is to keep up with your pain killers.
  5. Yay! Glad to hear you got the all clear... Yep, you should complain. It's so unprofessional for her to judge you like that. Even if she doesn't agree she needs to keep her opinions to herself. I was really lucky, the ladies that did my ultrasound and mammogram were so lovely. I remember I was really concerned when I went to my GP to get my referral thinking he would try to talk me out of it, but he was really supportive. Now the countdown begins again... Keep us updated
  6. kura

    June 2016 girls!

    Just some pics from today. Glad to report the strange squeaking has disappeared. Pretty happy with how they're settling.
  7. My attempt at taking some photos today...
  8. @Abevemi, I used to always be a tummy-sleeper, so it was really hard for me having to stay on my back, but for the last couple of weeks I've been flipping over onto my stomach halfway through the night. I'm pretty happy, because I was concerned that the boobs would be uncomfortable to lie on, but it's been pretty good. It's different, but not bad.
  9. Hi @Bananas123, I consulted with Mansoor and two other surgeons - Hamish Farrow and Richard Bloom - and ended up going with Mansoor. Really happy with my decision and results so far (only 7.5 weeks PO). Initial consult was $180 with Mansoor, $200 with Hamish and free with Richard by booking and mentioning this forum (or realself)... (If you get a referral from your GP you can claim back about $70 from medicare for each consult). All will give you a quote on your first consult. If you've got time, then just consult with Mansoor (or whoever you choose) and then if you're happy go with it. If you have any doubts then book a consult with someone else. I booked all my consults at once, mainly because I was traveling from Tasmania, so had a week in Melbourne and squeezed all the consults in. If I were living in Melbourne, I probably would have just gone to one and seen how it went first before booking the others. I did like getting different opinions from the different surgeons, but also, in a way it can make it more confusing. They all recommended the same size for me though, which made my decision way easier when it came to choosing size. Good luck... let us know how you go How is the recovery going girls @lisba/ @Abevemi? I'm happy to report that the weird squeaking noise in my right boob has gone away... so no idea what it was, but glad it's gone. Got a little bit of soreness in my underboob though... not sure if maybe i strained it a little at work. Pretty happy with how they're looking now. Upper pole is looking pretty smooth and they're looking much more natural - although some days I think maybe too natural (read: small) and I think I should have gone the larger size... just got to keep reminding myself that the extra 25cc probably wouldn't even be noticeable. It's funny, because I've noticed most people think their boobs look smaller in clothes, but then large naked; but I'm the other way around... I think they look big in clothes, but not so much naked. I also think I need to learn some photography tricks... I see everyone posting gorgeous pics of their boobs, but when I try to take photos of mine, they never look very good.
  10. I was wondering also if fake boobs don't fit the same in a bra as real ones. Like, they have those bra size charts, where you can measure your band and your bust to get your size. Do these still work for fake boobs?
  11. Hey girls, just wondering how your recoveries are going? Also, I'm experiencing some strange squeaking noises in my right boob when I do the boob exercises Mansoor assigned me. The moving of the implant feels sort of odd and squeaks. Whereas my left boob feels what I think is normal and doesn't make any noise. I know initially after surgery noises are normal, and I did have some squelching, but that went away after the first week and then within the last week I've noticed this odd squeaking. I'm 5 weeks PO today. Also started riding again. Just nice, quiet horses. Felt all pretty normal, so that was good.
  12. kura

    June 2016 girls!

    Is anyone's boobs making weird noises? I'm 5 weeks PO today, and this last week my right boob sort of, well, squeaks. I know initially after surgery noises are normal, and I did have some squelching for the first week, but that's since gone. My surgeon gave me these boobie exercises to do for the next few months until my 3 month check-up where I move my boob upwards and inwards and when I move my right one, it makes a squeaking noise and it feels odd. The left one doesn't do anything. Anyone else experienced something similar?
  13. kura

    June 2016 girls!

    First time changing my own tape on my incisions so finally got my first look at my scars. Looked much better than I was expecting, so very happy so far.
  14. kura

    June 2016 girls!

    What kind of tape do you have on now? I've got the micropore tape and it's fine to shower in - just pat and blow dry with a hairdryer on low setting after you get out. Sticks really well, haven't had any issues with it coming off or going gammy. Only supposed to change once a week. Was told if the edges do start to lift just to trim them down,
  15. I had mine done my Mirkazemi on 15th June, so I'm only two weeks post op and they're still swollen and sitting really high... but I have some pics in my gallery if you're interested - just send me a friend request
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