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    Breast Augmentation after two pregnancies and breastfeeding.
    450 xhp left 400 hp right
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    Dr. Szalay 15 Oct 2015

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  1. Briz

    Boob selfie!

    Great threat and great pics ladies. I think i need to go shopping for prettier bras after looking at these pictures. Heres me at the beach ☺
  2. Hi i had my BA with Dr. Szalay in October and I would happily recommend him to anyone! ☺ I am nearly 6 weeks post op and very happy with my results. Everyone at Precision Cosmetic were friendly and professional.
  3. I also went worry dr. Szalay and would highly recommend him. Precision Cosmetic and it was $7500k $8 k for Brazilian implants.
  4. My surgeon was Dr. Szalay at Precious Cosmetics. I couldn't be happier with my results. I'm 4weeks post op
  5. I am 4weeks post op textured unders and have to massage twice a day. Brazilian implants dont need massage as far as i understand. I have had some dropping and softning but still lots of room for improvement in that area.
  6. Yesterday i was 4weeks po and feeling great. Two more weeks then i can wear normal bras. Still in wire free sport type bras. Looking forward to a swim but i also need to find a bikini and get measured etc. My boobs and nipples are also pretty sensitive this last week but not painful. Trying to do my massage twice a day but sometimes only ones.
  7. Hi I too was worried and i have a nearly 3 year old and a 1 year old. The first week i was in my own bubble with no kids near me. Lol I picked my son up 10 days post op on his 1st birthday party for a photo and cuddle. I felt fine. After that i was back to doing normal things like lifting into car and bath etc when hubby was busy. I found leaning over his cot was more uncomfortable than actually picking him up. The same goes for pushing and pulling movements like vacuuming and double pram. I got unders and feel my recovery was easier than i anticipated.
  8. I had twilight. I was out of it and cant remember much at all like walking to the car afterwards. My surgeon explained to me that you can still move example itch your nose etc like when you are sleeping. So they restrain your arms. On twilight you cant form memories at all. You can wake up yes.... a freaky thought but they just give you more to knock you out again. The nurse gave me a teeny tiny bit to calm the nerves before giving me antibiotics with a needle in my thigh and i was instantly affected but not fully out. GA you are totally paralyzed and cant wake up. In terms of safest. I think all medical interventions have risks so that makes the decision hard.
  9. I have two different profiles and sizes. 3weeks po and they still look spot on and perfectly even. I have started to drop slightly. During early recovery i actually had the smaller one look bigger most of the time due to swelling. I hope they stay even.
  10. Oh my...im not alone. My back and headaches are pretty bad at times.
  11. Oh wow you're lucky. My post op bra is soooo ugly. Lol its very comfy and supportive but has big ugly straps. I am hoping i get the all clear next week to wear other bras. Ok i just re read that you are only day 5 and of course still have dressings ☺ I couldnt tell by that photo. Mine stick out from under my normal bra ( I only wear it when i wash my other bra) I might take a look at the bra you mentioned. It looks good ☺
  12. Looking good Amelia. Have you still got dressings on? And is that a target post surgery bra? Sorry for all the questions ☺ Im two weeks post op and can't wear that target bra as its hurting my incisions. I am thinking i might have bought the wrong size bra.
  13. I used ice all the time the first week. I didnt have much swelling and i had arnica spray. I had one massive bruise between my breasts up to my chin nearly. Lol its finally gone now. 2weeks po
  14. looking good. My right incision is more tender than the left.
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