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    South Australia
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    BA 365cc textured rounds, high profile, subfasial
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    Kollias - 30th Jan 2016
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    158cm, 52kg, 10A (barely)

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  1. I think i just watched the snapchat of your surgery ?
  2. Hey @Beautiful_Mind would you be able to share with me who you get your lashes done by? Im looking to have mine done :-)
  3. Theres lots of girls on here that have had their surgery with Kollias. Im one :-) I am very happy with my results, im nearly 1year post op. Everything from the consult, surgery and after care. Theres a few girls on here that have recently had their surgeries with him and they sound happy with their BA. I havent heard of Marshall, so cant help you There are many girls here that can vouch for Miroschiks work! Good luck with your BA journey ?
  4. That sucks! I hope he has a good reason for not giving you a full lift. And you got a size your happy with. Hope your healing well. Take it easy hun x
  5. I was up moving only a few hours after surgery. I think that helped with my recovery.
  6. You'll be very grateful you were able to spend the night in hospital. The nurses are wonderful. The pain is not at all as bad as you expect. Its probably more tightness thats uncomfortable. Just take it easy and your recovery should be very smooth. Your in good hands, Dr K is fantastic ? all the best with both your surgeries.
  7. No it doesnt make me feel fat haha... makes me feel womanly ?
  8. I was very lucky with my recovery. I woke up a bit tight, had an endone, slept then after some food i was fine. I was up walking, was only on panadol. Thats probably the biggest thing is to try get up and move around as much as possible without over doing it.
  9. Hey babyj I had my BA with Dr Kollias 8 months ago. Im 50-54kg was a 10a/b & got 365 subfascial. I wear a 12D now but pushups i need a DD/E. Fr if you'd like to see my pics. Im over the moon with my results. Good luck with your BA.
  10. Yaaay. All the best hun with it all. 520s will look amazeballs on u!! Im sure u will be very satisfied & hopefully no more cc. X
  11. Hi Rach. I had my surgery with Kollias back in January. Im 158 & 50kg & i got 365cc subfascial. I was an a/b cup. Im a D cup now or bigger if i want pushups. I dont think mine look fake ?
  12. Are yours hp? Arent the mods more wider?
  13. Yay bigger boobies! Cant wait to see them! Bad luck about the CC in both, atleast your on your way to getting a new pair! Whens the big day? X
  14. You need to trust your surgeon. They do this all the time. Not one person is the same nor are your results. Im sure you will certainly fill out a D or DD. I know its a big decision but if your are confident with your surgeon you wont second guess your decision.
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