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    BL/BA after weight loss
    450cc round smooth mentors, moderate.plus profile
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    Dr Dean Trotter 21st March 2017
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    160 cm 75 kg - pre op 14 b (deflated)
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  1. @Sarahwantsboobies2017 wow that's crazy that they said you couldn't stay. I was a morning op and they let me stay until 10 pm that night! They were in no hurry to discharge me, not the nurses nor the surgeon. Good luck! Xx
  2. Hey ladies! So I'm now approx 2 weeks po and I feel amazing! Recovery has been much better than I thought considering I had a lift aswell! Saw the surgeon on Friday and he was super happy with my results and recovery! He did a bit of lipo near the crease before the underarms so still a bit bruised from that but otherwise I am able to move comfortably, no longer hunched as I can straighten up now, haven't taken any medication for about 3 days including panadol and my bum cheeks aren't as sore anymore! Yay! Lol Can't wait for them to drop more and start fluffing! Going to attempt driving tomorrow and doing light exercises this week as I'm feeling like a blob although I haven't put on any weight..yet! Lol
  3. You are looking incredible already! Hope recovery is going smoothly! Xx
  4. @Mummy_of_3 so relieved for you hun! Recovery is certainly hard when they aren't recovering at the same pace! Hope you're feeling at ease now x
  5. @Mummy_of_3 sorry, I didn't see the photos with your first post! I can see what you're talking about and the right side does seem more swollen than the left.. I'd definitely see the surgeon and see what he says xx
  6. Hey @Mummy_of_3, mine are both settling fine and I even feel like they are settling in sync.. it's 1 week post op for me today and they are both much softer than they were a few days ago, they even feel as though they've dropped a little already. No strange sounds but they are very itchy around my incisions (I had bl/ba) even the side of my breast is itchy but I've been unable to shower the top half of my body yet so I think that could explain some of the itch.. have you spoken to your surgeon with your concerns? Maybe upload a photo so we can see what you're explaining ?
  7. Hey ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm now 5 days po and thought I'd share a photo! They've softened a bit but still quite hard in the mornings. Chest is still quite tight and sleeping is getting easier although my bottom is still sore!! I absolutely love them and it feels so good to have boobs again!!! ??
  8. @Milfy wannabe I definitely feel nice and fresh now and it was so good to be out of the house! I'll definitely upload pics once my bra can come off! xx Hey hun, Definitely have some easy meals and snacks prepped before hand, comfy pillows, extra panadol/nurofen, clothing or pj's that are easy to put on and take off, donut pillow for your bum lol and book in to have your hair washed.. this is everything that's helped me so far.. I'm lucky enough to have my fiancé to help when he isn't at work but still being home alone is very restricting!
  9. @Milfy wannabe I have short hair and it's so oily at the moment lol so I'm booked in for a wash and straighten today and probably next week too as my post op appointment isn't until next Friday! Your boobs are looking amazing by the way! Can't wait until I can see mine!
  10. @Sylve yeah hun I did, it's much more comfy than the bed! I'm very active and I think my body is struggling with having to sit down for such long periods of time! My back and neck are now sore too! I feel like a little old lady, I have to move around very slowly because of how sore I am! Lol! On a positive note, I'm going to my hairdresser to get my hair washed as I can't wet my upper body at all yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing the outside world today ??
  11. @MJess LOL!!! Bloody feels that way! ? I'm trying to get up and walk around as much as I can but my bum is still so numb!
  12. @Sylve I'll keep you updated with the photos.. sleeping upright definitely takes pressure off the chest and probably good for draining like you said. Wishing you all the best for next week xx
  13. @MJess Yeah I'm considering the couch! My fiancé bought me a donut to sit on lol! The 450s are perfect ! ?
  14. @Sylve Oh wow! I would have cried too!! Amazing how something so minor can be such a big problem! Luckily he got you in for next week! Better safe than sorry I guess! Still so excited for you!! I ended up with the 450ccs! Yay!! And pain isn't too bad considering. I'm only taking morphine in the morning and before bed and nurofen and panadol during the day. My bum is sore from sleeping upright! Otherwise boobs just feel tender but I'm so happy with them! Cannot recommend Dr.Trotter highly enough!
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