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  1. Good luck!! Just think not long now until you will have fab new boobs.
  2. Dr Harwood emailed me directly this morning and confirmed I definitely wouldn't need a lift if I used the nuance implants. Does anyone have these implants? Are you happy with them?
  3. I'm arranging to do some Skype consultations within the next few weeks. Hopefully I might get some definite answers then. Also when Dr Harwood's office got back to me they said he recommended the Nuance implants for me and told me to email them back with pictures of the type of outcome I was looking to achieve....so surely if I needed a left he would've told me straight up like the Breast Academy did.
  4. Thanks ladies. I'm still waiting to hear back from one surgeon, will be interesting to see what he says. i didn't even think about posting a question on here for a surgeon, great idea, I might just do that. Living remote makes it so hard, I just wish I could have a face to face consult to know for sure.
  5. Hi ladies, I'm a mum looking to have a B.A next year. I live in a remote town so at the moment I've only been able to email photos through to surgeons and in the middle of organising phone/skype consultations. I'm in Qld so have been dealing with surgeons in Brisbane/Gold Coast. I'm a bit confused as Dr Ali Hussain and Dr Harwood have said I'm a candidate for a straight forward B.A whereas The Breast Academy said I'd benefit from a lift as well and referred me to Dr Layt who gave me a quote which included a lift. I was hoping I wouldn't need a lift (due to having a family & mortgage I was hoping not to have to spend a fortune). So now I'm questioning who is correct? Any advice? Thanks
  6. I loved reading your post too. Glad you had a great experience. Enjoy your new boobies.
  7. Nanniepoo, I've sent my photos to Dr Ali Hussain and he said I'm a good candidate for a b.a too. Since I live in FNQ we are going to organise a time to do a face time consult in the next week or so. I'm so tempted to apply for finance through Mac and get it done this year but hubby can't get time off work. AMGreaves, TCI were the first that I contacted. I'm actually not that put off with everything I hear in the media. Going by photos I've seen they have fantastic results and do heaps and heaps of b.a surgeries. You're right, every surgery has risks.
  8. I loved my boobs before having kids, never even thought about getting implants because I didn't need them. 3 kids later and I hate my boobs now and booking in for surgery next year.
  9. Nanniepoo I'd love to hear how you get on with your surgery, you must be so excited. I have also enquired with Dr Ali Hussain at Esteem. I've still got to send my photos off to him. I get pangs of mummy guilt too about spending that sort of money on myself when I could use it to take my family on a holiday or something but I hardly spend anything on myself, always buying for my kids etc so I keep trying to remind myself that it will be worth it. I do panic about if something goes wrong and I get a botchy job and have to fork out more money to correct it. Fingers crossed nothing like that happens to us.
  10. It's money that is stopping me too. I need to wait until after I get my tax return next year.
  11. I've just started enquiring through them and would love to hear other people's thoughts too.
  12. I'm thinking mid year too or September school holidays. I'm impatient though and wish I could get them done now.
  13. I'd love for hubby to come with me but seeing as we live so remote with no family around we don't have anyone to watch the kids. When next year are you looking to have your surgery?
  14. lisaH, no consultation just yet, still just enquiring at this stage, what about you? Plus I live in a remote town in FNQ so I'd either have to do a phone consultation first or tea it up to have my consultation a day or two before surgery. I also want to lose 10kg before my surgery so looking at doing the surgery next year at this stage. Need to look at when hubby can get time off work to look after the kids while I get it done.
  15. lisaH, I'm in the exact same boat as you....3 kids, mortgage and looking for something within my budget in Qld. Have you decided on a surgeon yet? I was initially looking at TCI as well but now thinking The Breast Academy.
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