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    Dr Richardson, 14.03.16 (420cc Nagor round textured HP, duel plane)
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    Gym, travelling

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  1. I'm nearly 2 months po and still have the same, very wired feeling tho?
  2. FR so you can see my before and after photos! Happy with my choice he did a fantastic job!
  3. 420 Nagor round textured HP, duel plane, 12 bwd, 170cm, 55kg
  4. I went through that as well after just had finished my course antibiotics ( my temperature was 39,5C, headache and slight fever) and had no indication of infection at all so I just asked my surgeon to give me a repeat and had to finish the second course for just in case. I guess that was a kind of reaction of your organism on the foreign body in it plus your immune system is still too weak. I'm still alive (1 month po) ?, you'll be fine but if you have any concerns just contact your surgeon , good luck!
  5. Katemav26 have you seen the dr since your surgery was done?
  6. How is everyone with their recovering? I am almost back to normal life! It's been a crazy experience lol today is a day 6 po and I'm starting to feel some sensations in my boobs like air bubbles but was told that's normal ? just can't wait for them to drop and fluff because at the moment they are so hard. Probably this's one of my biggest worries about the whole process.... Today my lefty is a bit bigger than my righty, looks funny)) Off all strong pain meds only taking Panadol when needed. Good luck girls I hope everyone is doing well and loving their new boobies!!
  7. Hi ladies, It's only 16 hours post op and I'm starting to feel better. Everything went smoothly . its still in the early to say tho but I would love to go bigger ? march girls I wish you all a good recovery xxx
  8. Well girls I'm next, I have surgery tomorrow, a bit nervous ?
  9. Congrats on your new beauties )))
  10. Good luck Rhiannon ! Everything will be fine?
  11. It's soooo exiting ?good luck!
  12. Thanks Rhiannon! I'll double check, my gp's recently advised me to buy bio oil ??
  13. Hi Ana, we've surgery the same day, very excited, what's your time? I've been told to use bio oil you can buy it at any supermarket...see you soon
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