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    Had Breast Augmentation on the Gold Coast in July :)
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  1. Agree with @pink butterfly it won't last forever but it sure does feel unfomfortable!! I got super down 'post surgery blues' the first few weeks I think it was just the discomfort and the frustration just getting the better of me. But you will soon having amazing boobs and it will all be worth it!!
  2. I have seen some women regret going large especially with a small frame. Can be quite a big transition if you are quite small to begin with.
  3. I went through cosmedi and my rep said after I paid my deposit if I did not agree with the actual evaluation then I could get my money back, and I am not local so found it good they did the free evaluation prior to me paying anything and having to drive hours to see the surgeon. There was no pressureI was recommended round but ended up going with tear drop after my consultation with the surgeon very happy with my results.
  4. I have round and high profile implants and mine look and feel very natural. The only people who notice are those who knew me as the AA before. But now people just think I have naturally good boobs its great! I thought because I chose round they would look more obvious and they did for the first year or so. but 2 years down the track super super natural
  5. I was told to stop everything!! I would make sure you ask your surgeon before taking if it's ok - just to be safe!
  6. I was 27 Im now 29 and they still look perfect! Yippeee
  7. Hi hunny, I had my breast augmentation with cosmedi tour on the gold coast. This was 2 years ago now and my boobs are still perfect. I am sure sydney would be the same? Not sure who those surgeons are though. The price changes and is based on how difficult your surgery will be. I paid $6990 as I was quite uneven I would be careful with tci. There surgeons are cosmetic and there have been heaps of girls in the media trying to sue them. Im pretty sure they're sold now too? Just make sure you do lots of research!
  8. Did anyone else hear that the TCI surgeons are now all going solo and leaving TCI like dr. Tang etc. Apparently the surgeons are leaving due to the bad rep from TCI. I mean it is a good move for them, they are good surgeons most of them I think but the reputation would be costing them a lot of work.
  9. Is it true that some people do not get the sensitivity back in their breasts? Has anyone had this? I was numb for a good 8-10 months... all good now!
  10. I didnt know Dr. perron was once a cosmeditour surgeon. That is very reassuring. But luke stradwick is still there and he is also amazing so you are in good hands. Just go with your gut!! Sometimes too many people opinions can be so overwhelming. I just listened to 2 good friends I knew and trusted because they had surgery with cosmedi and that made my decision Make sure you do the vectra image thing it can show you what round and teardrop implants will look like and then you can make your decsion. so much easier!
  11. My gf did! She was approved really fast and pays off weekly - not too sure how much a week is is sorry. But I have seen mac credit everywhere so they must be ok
  12. My who I had my boobs with used mac credit. Super easy she got the money in like days. Still paying it off now. I think interest is quite high though like 13%.. is that high? You should talk to your bank for a personal loan if you can get this one
  13. I love Dr. T's work but yeah so expensive. I think because he now has such a big reputation maybe his prices have gone up? Still 14k is a lot. I had mine done with cosmeditour. I had a surgeon called dr theo (he was from the states) and also had dr. luke stradwick. Cant speak highly enough of them. And love my results. I think I they look just as good, if not betrer than the Dr. T results, if I do say so myself hehehe
  14. Hey hun, I havent heard much about Dr. Perron is he located on the Gold Coast too? I had my ba done by cosmeditour and am stoked with my results. They dont have the surgeons on the website because they have so many different surgeons from overseas who come to work with dr stradwick and dr layt. The surgeons are all fully qualified theyre just trying to get some extra experience i think. I had a surgeon from the states, dr. theo, he isnt there anymore And he was honestly amazing. I had luke stradwick at my consult and they were both in my surgery, so your def in good hands. I am on the cosmedi facebook forum and all the girls have been raving about the surgeons lately - so there must be a few of them! I have alleragn implants too! I think they were a bit more expensive but they have the lifetime warranty. I cant remember what they other brands were but they all had a different purpose i guess. when it comes to round and teardrop, best to wait until you have your face to face consults as the surgeons may change their minds when they see you in person. i have seen some really natural looking round ones, and thought they were teardrop too. But I guess everyone is different hope this helps!!
  15. Very much agree with @TheFox !!! I don't know anyone who hasn't had round implants with TCI?? Maybe cosmedi had another surgeon look at your photos? I know they have a few and the one who did my recommendation wasnt actually the same surgeon who did my surgery.. least you get to choose now. Im sure you will make the right decision
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