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  1. It will be very obvious in fitted clothes! Maybe try and get some more loose fitting clothes? They are harder to hide in the beginning also because they'll be hard. They get easier to smush down later :-)
  2. PSGir


    I had the same worry, my scars looked like they were on my chest wall a few weeks post op. I'm now 4.5 weeks post op and they've traveled to my crease. I think as my boobs drop more the scars will end up hidden. If you Google it, it seems quite common than the scars move a lot as things settle, and the surgeon has to guess where to put them! Let me how you go though, I'm going for a post op apt in a few weeks and will ask about it as well.
  3. No problem! Not quite flat but I used 3 pillows, so slightly elevated. I know a lot of people say to sleep sitting up but I knew I couldn't fall asleep like that!
  4. No problem! Not quite flat but I used 3 pillows, so slightly elevated. I know a lot of people say to sleep sitting up but I knew I couldn't fall asleep like that!
  5. I had the same thing on my left side, I assume it was to do with internal stitches! Mine went away after a few weeks and I used an ice pack to minimise the feeling. Sleeping was fine for me and I woke up feeling really tight and a bit sore but not in pain. I'm sure you'll be fine! And if not just take painkillers right away
  6. I'm 3.5 weeks post op and mine have gotten squishier at the top in the past few weeks, but not enough to push together yet. The bottom half still feels firm. I've got memory gel anatomics under the muscle and was an A cup to start with. Did your surgeon show you an example of your implants at your consult? The memory gels felt quite squishy. Also I'm sure your bf doesn't hate them! He probably doesn't realise how what he said affected you. And at least this way your boobs will never end up around your elbows!!
  7. Really? I was told to just use Bio oil for now til my 8 week appointment or something! Hmm now i'm worried about my scars, I don't want them to heal badly. Was it the nurse who told you to use silitape?
  8. Hi Alaska! I took mine off today and it didn't hurt at all. You went with Dr M didn't you? All I had to do was peel the bandage off from the inside and trim the ends of my stiches. My incisions feel bumpy but I think that's the internal stiching. Is that what you mean by puffy?
  9. Omg I had exactly this on my left side as well! It was weird because it felt further around my side than where i thought Dr M's stitches would have been. It went away after a few weeks don't worry. When it was bothering me I clamped an ice pack between my side and my left arm and that minimised it.
  10. I think toe nail polish is allowed (mine were painted when I went in) but not finger nail polish
  11. For me it was maybe day 5 when they got a bit more comfortable and I could get out of bed more easily and wash my own hair and they stopped feeling super tight all the time (except in the mornings). By days 8-10 the tight feeling in the morning had nearly gone, and my swelling had gone away. I feel like I lost maybe 20% of my volume when the swelling went down though :-( i'm now day 16 and am quite comfortable and don't have torpedo boobs anymore. Looking forward to them dropping and fluffing and I hope I get more volume in the lower pole! And more sideboob
  12. I'm not sure about the differences between teardrop and rounds but my surgeon ordered me a few teardrop sizes the morning before my surgery, and then another size late in the afternoon when I freaked out about sizes! That was less than 24 hrs before my surgery so try not to worry, it might not be too late to order them
  13. oh no Tinylitlekitty hope you get better soon! I feel for you because I sneezed a few times the other day and seriously thought my boobs were going to explode. Hope you have cough medicine or something!
  14. I iced for the first 5 days and it helped a lot, not just with swelling but relieving sore spots. I had the ice pack in its little cover and put it on top of my clothing though so it wasn't too cold!
  15. When are you guys going back to work? My back is aching so much I don't think I can sit at a desk all day might have to ask for more time off! Also, do you already have side boob? I don't yet but I hope I get some
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