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  1. Lol I'm the same! They only thing that's stopping me is the $$
  2. I'm hoping mid year because if I go overseas it will be cheaper for flights. Plus I want to be ready for summer lol. You?
  3. No I havent either. I have requested a consultation through one of the surgeons on here as they had a special offer for a free consultation. Im also sending in my photos to cosmeditour,I want to get as many opinions as possible! I also found out that through cosmeditour its only and extra $250 to take your husband, so we are leaning towards that. I also want to look into the medicare rebate too to see if im eligible for that and if I am I could go to a plastic surgeon here which would be ideal.
  4. Bec29, i have rung the cosmeditour and the do the operation with the breast Academy in Queensland. They said that at the Academy they are all cosmetic surgeons that have lots of experience that are just focusing on boob jobs so they get their practices up there. I just like the idea of getting a holiday out of it aswell! The only thing that turns me off TCI is that they do the opp in "twighlight" and Ive been reading about it and I dont like what I have been reading. Each to their own I suppose. Have you had a consultation yet?
  5. OK great thanks. I'm looking into Queensland just to be on the safe side with the kids.
  6. I'm looking into getting breast augmentation next year but as we have 3 kids and a mortgage getting the operation done at either the cosmetic institute or cosmeditours is more to our budget. I'm doing lots of research and I am looking for anyone who has been to either and if they can give me some in site on either. I would like to get honest answers from members who have either been or are planning on going to these places.
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