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  1. I'm now 6.5 months post op and they have been through so many changes... At first they looked very small. Then at 6 weeks they fluffed and projected more with a tight cleavage. 12 weeks they looked great with even more drop and fluff. Now that all the swelling has gone I have a gap which I'm getting fixed but at the same time they are sitting nicely. Everyone is different, hang in there you have many changes to come!
  2. I've had Botox for migraines before from a neurologist and qualified for the Medicare rebate, I paid very little for 160 units. This included Botox in my jaw. If you see a plastic surgeon to have this done you won't be able to get the rebate, you'll be charged the full amount. I would stick with the neurologist and continue with the top ups.
  3. I have Mentor anatomicals
  4. @PrettyInBlack I got 380 & 390cc high profile anatomicals.
  5. I was a 12B before surgery and asked to be a D/DD. I got exactly that, now wearing a 12DD... but as everyone has said augmented breasts measure completely different to natural breasts.
  6. No problem I really need to upload some new pics as its been a while.. I'll do it soon..
  7. You won't regret it! I had a BA and lift 6 months ago with Dr T, I wish I had done it much earlier when I was in my 20s... more time to enjoy them!
  8. I have similar stats to you, started with a 12B, got 390cc anatomical which are not at all big, this was the biggest I could go at the time.I think 495cc would be great with your stats, definately not big at all!
  9. @Kiwi chick I had assymetry and ended up having a lift to even them out more and 2 slightly different sized implants,I had a little bit more than 1cm difference so you might be ok. Will you be getting 2 different sized implants?
  10. I am the same height with similar stats and had a BA & BL 5 months ago. Feel free to check out my album
  11. Hey Sam,


    im friending you because I have assymetrical breasts and I was hoping to see how your experience was.


    many thanks

  12. I've been told I look much slimmer when I've actually put on a couple of kilos...they definatley make your waist look smaller. I love them!
  13. The type of implant that will suit you all depends on your anatomy and chest wall etc. I know it can be very confusing.. I have a long bony chest so I ended up with tall height high profile anatomicals. I think the wider ones are low or moderate profile. It also depends if you want heaps of side boob or more of a projection, hope that helps!
  14. @Miss Rose I woke up sick the day before my surgery. I had a very sore throat and was really run down. The next day (surgery day) I still felt unwell with a sore throat but had no other symptoms like congestion or fever so surgery went ahead. I woke up absolutely fine after my op, I think I got sick from stressing too much. Good luck with it all.
  15. I was exactly the same...I had bad anxiety attacks leading up to my surgery. It helps me a lot to talk about it. I spoke to my dr, family and friends and they all reminded me this is something I've wanted for so long and everything will be fine. I am over 5 weeks post op and honestly don't know why I put myself through all that stress. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat to have decent looking boobs. For me the pain was bad in the first week or 2 and after that it gets much easier. Now that the tightness is gone I forget they're there sometimes
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