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    Breast augmentation 330cc memory gel, under the muscle, anatomicals
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    Michael Miroshnik
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  1. A bit late but I go the bigger size 100000% :-) I think most boobies under the 350cc range still look pretty "natural". Good luck with everything xx
  2. I didn't have to wear it but I would wear a scarf! If it's summer where you're at you can where the sheer scarves instead
  3. @SKP2015 I think they look good for your body. Would definitely go that size I was given nausea pills to help afterwards! They're called Ondansetron. I would email your surgeon for a script if he hasn't given you one yet :-)
  4. And you too, in 20 days!! #exciting
  5. @Emxoxo babe your boobs look so so good. very happy you didn't pull out last minute because everything went well and it suits your body so well! btw did your dr give you a card/booklet about your implants? because I received them from mine. it's like a little information book for your implants stating the brand, size, type, and implant serial number too.
  6. Thank you! You must be nervousss. Best of luck with surgery, hope everything goes well and you wake up painless and happy with your new boobies. xx
  7. Thanks Ittybittyk! Yes I am, very very happy
  8. I'm not sure actually! I've just emailed my surgeon, will keep you posted
  9. thank you! hoping for them to get even closer as ive been told by the girls on here they don't stop changing till 12months
  10. Can I ask why the brazillians are being suspended?
  11. I'm on my 6th day now and I don't feel like i'll be ready for work tomorrow. my arm movements are too limited at the moment.. probably in another week i'll be ok though
  12. Yup rest assured they will be smaller once the swelling goes down! And I know how you feel about the cleavage! So happy to look down and see some :3 HEHE
  13. Yay! Glad you went through with it and hope you're happy. xx
  14. Nice! How long post op are you?
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