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  1. Thankyou all so much 😊 will definitely look around x
  2. Hi ladies 😊 I was just wondering if you could please recommend a good post op bra? Preferably one that isnt extremely ugly and bulky that you can easily see it under your shirt 😂 Thanks in advance x
  3. honniebel

    Dr Kwok

    Ummm well im barely a bcup now and i wanna be a small f big dd but still look naturalish. After having my son they just look super sad lol. Yeah ill call them again today 😊 How exciting....how big are you going?
  4. honniebel

    Dr Kwok

    Sorry to high jack your post, but im booked in with dr.kwok in December 😊 I was just wondering to anyone who had been to him, do you know if they have the option for the Brazilian implants?
  5. Its definitely a decision im not gonna take lightly 😄 thanks ladies. Will let you know how i go x
  6. I have but i really dont like the idea that you can't pick your surgeon its "luck of the draw " as I was told by email from them today 😔 If i knew i could have it dont by dr.Richardson id book and pay tomorrow
  7. Thanks ladies! Dr richardson really isnt that much more expensive so i think im gonna stick with my gut and go with him. At least i know he does a great job. Was just trying to save that little extra penny but at the end of the day i dont want a botched boob job. Thanks again for your input 😊
  8. Hi, im looking at getting my BA hopefully this year but im having trouble deciding what dr to go to. Iv been researching ALOT of research and i love the look of all dr kwok's patients but i also know a few girls personally who have been to dr richardson and they look good too 😕 im so torn. I would have gone to dr kwok hands down if it weren't for the cosmetic institute being all over aca this passed few weeks 😔 But i did notice the people who had issues were in nsw where im in qld so i would be going to the goldcoast hospital to have mine done. Has anyone had their BA with either surgeon? If so would you recommend? Any feedback will be very appreciated Thanks 😊
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