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    Dr Harwood 16/10/15
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    10 a pre op wanting full C
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  1. I have this implant too:) dr Harwood did say that polytech is a softer implant too so that's good!:)
  2. sweet:) just with some surgical tape?
  3. I'm 4 and a bit weeks post op and I bought some fake tan foam today but unsure I can use it yet?:/ when did everyone else first self tan:) thanks ladies ! X
  4. I'm a Harwood girl too. Dr Harwood doesn't just do Brazilians he uses nagor too:) and another brand I can't remember the name, and while the Brazilians are banned he uses polytech microthane( that's what I have) I opted for a sticky implant because of my anatomy a round implant wasn't suited and non sticky tear drops have a higher risk of turning.
  5. Harwood lets you choose between sedation and general now as he operates out of a day hospital as of October. I had general with dr Harwood 4 weeks ago:)
  6. Looking good!:) good luck with recovery! I had to wait 4 hours at the same day hospital you went to for my BA as they over booked ? it was horrible!
  7. I have 295 tear drops and they look very natural I think:) but in saying that if my surgeon told me I could go bigger I would have!:) I went my max:) I was an A cup before
  8. although I don't have Brazilians I do have polytech microthane implants and while I completely emphathise with you and Elly and everyone with a bad experience with sticky implants comments like above are a little upsetting to girls with these implants who think their boobs looks and feel good to them to hear stuff like this. We have feelings, we want to love our boobs and give them a chance. I'm only one month post op and have noticed movement changes almost daily. I wanted tear drop implants. I didn't want to take the 20% rotation chance of a non sticky implant. I don't want to get in the middle of this but I do think some respect should be here for ladies with this implant. PEACE and LOVE xx ☺️
  9. Oh that's strange! I was told to ice and found it made me feel quite a bit better:) I was wary not to put directly on my skin though :)
  10. I prefer my right ( left pictured) because it was a nicer shape and had more breast tissue pre BA so it turned out better haha I have overs too
  11. I would be so upset if I was in your position and who knows down the track I may be so I completely sympathise with you. We trust these doctors. I was under the impression that these implants were the holy grail of implants and while I don't regret my decision as I'm early on and so far so good I won't be happy if I have complications because of these implants. Or if they don't soften I'll be pretty devo.
  12. I'm not Bagging anybody out just sharing and hoping because I think my husband might loose it if Iv made the wrong choice :/ My boobs are done so all I can do is share and hope that they turn out ok ??
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