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  1. Thank you so much Quinn. I have just paid my deposit to secure Dr Pornthep for early May next year. There is not much on the forum about him compared to other surgeons - to read your experience has been encouraging! So happy you had an amazing experience and that all is well : )
  2. Amazing tkw! I hope everything goes really well for you. I know someone who can't say enough good things about Dr P - I didn't even know she'd had a BA - the pics she has sent through look amazing. I am now waiting on a recommendation from him. In the time since I posted I have had advice that I have tuberous breasts with a wide gap : / so my best option is a dual plane tear drop. I am leaning towards Phuket as I have the kids with me and the resorts I am looking at have loads for them to do - especially in the first couple of days post-op. Bangkok is certainly cheaper however!! Good luck with the trip and I hope you are over the moon with your results!
  3. Definitely everything crossed - please keep us updated about how you travel with this. Did you have a very wide gap? I am going to create a pre / post - op gallery. I also apparently have "laterally displaced nipples" (they point outwards!!) so the tear drops with a wider base may help create an illusion that they are more central. I am really not chasing the perfect cleavage / gap at all. For me - having something that amounts to more than what today's 10 year olds have would be phenomenal! !!
  4. Hi all Has anyone had dual plane teardrops with a Thai surgeon? If so, can you advise who and your outcomes with this? My recommendations have arrived today and all 3 suggest the above - I have tuberous breasts with a wide distance (gap) between the nipples. Thanks!
  5. Hi MaisieF I will post in the OS section about it. I have had 3 recommendations back from Thai surgeons (Phuket & Bangkok) suggesting dual plane teardrops but the width between the nipple may not be improved. I am waiting on an Australian recommendation as well. Win - I have sent you a message re medicare. Not sure if I would meet the criteria but definitely worth checking out! Thanks for the replies guys : )
  6. Hi all I was hoping to go to Thailand next year for a BA. I have been sending off surgeon assessment forms and have been told I have "mild tuberous breasts with unusually wide gap". I have requested more information about my options but am feeling really deflated right now about it all as I am not sure what my options will be. One reply advised that I may not be happy with the result given "the conditions present". I am a tiny 10A with a crazy wide gap. Unless I am wearing a padded bra there is no shape in any outfit whatsoever. I am not sure I can afford an Australian correction (can this be corrected??!). I am reading that some of you have had surgery but again, I am thinking my current breasts are starting from a pretty negative space! From some of the pics I have been looking at all over the internet the breasts aren't nearly as small as mine... Happy to chat further and friend fellow tubers out there!
  7. Hi - Did you get anything back about this? I am also looking at this hospital through Cosmedi Tour...
  8. HI! Thanks for the reply There doesn't seem to be nearly as much review-wise on the Bangkok one. I am leaning towards direct booking through the hospital (agree re control lol!) as I have found some amazing deals for hotels that will be the same price for 4 of us as it would be for just me to stay if I booked through an agent. We are also thinking of trekking through Northern Thailand before the op so I at least get to enjoy some holiday time beforehand. Going by all the stories on here, people seem to be up and having fun pretty quickly. I hope that is the same for me. The op itself is a big deal for me - I am currently barely an A cup so to actually have anything that will give me some shape in clothing will be amazing! Gabby1 where did you get yours done?
  9. Hi all First post for me - long time reader! I am turning 40 next year and have decided to celebrate with a BA in Thailand @ May 2016. After reading all the info and stories I am a little overwhelmed by it all - surgery included. My two clear options are: * Bangkok at Vejthani International Hospital with Dr Theera; or * Phuket - either at PIAC with Dr Veerawat (Dr Boonchai is not taking bookings in May) or at BHP with Dr Piyapas There is a lot of positive feedback about the Phuket surgeons, however does anyone have experience with Dr Theera at all? I couldn't find too much. My other big decision is whether to book it myself through the hospitals and look for great flight/accomm deals or hand it all over to an agent. I will be travelling over with my partner and two kids so would love to hear from anyone who has done this with the family in tow Any info / guidance would be amazing! Thanks all!!
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