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  1. Thanks so much for sharing @Boobsafterbubs this makes me more confidant to go bigger, since everyone says they would anyway!!
  2. Unsure about sizing, I have been to my consult and the surgeon suggested 295cc high profile allergen (teardrop) he then asked what I thought of that for a natural look and I said I think I would like to see something bigger so he showed me 325cc. Which looks really nice on vectra imaging. I really want a natural look in proportion to my body so I'm 173cm tall and 53kgs with wider hips. Just looking for an opinion as some peoples 325cc look huge but 295cc looks tiny on some!!
  3. Thanks IttyBittyk! We must always trust our gut and go with what makes us feel comfortable! I am looking into The Breast Academy and Dr Scamp. Im giving myself the next three days, since it is a long weekend, to pick a couple and get booked in for consults asap, I'm just afraid that if I don't secure the surgery soon I will completely miss out! I know the Breast Academy only have one surgery spot left for the time I want! I might just have to book that then see how the consults go... Ekkkk it's only less than three months away!
  4. Thanks Ladies! Doing lots of research right now, looking to book in for mid December for surgery! I hope I haven't left it too late to book! Can I ask Ittybittyk what put you off going with Dr Luke Stradwick? I will be looking back into Dr Scamp, something put me off originally but I can't remember what! And Dr Craig Layt can't even squeeze me in. Reasearch, reasearch, reasearch!
  5. Hey, Looking into to getting a BA done around the Gold Coast or Brisbane area, any recommendations on surgeons? I was originally booked in with TCI Southport but now feel very uneasy going through with the surgery considering the recent media surrounding them. I have spoken to Dr Luke Stradwick as I had done a lot of research into him and was extremely satisfied to proceed with him but turns out he is not available when I plan to have mine done. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated
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