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    400cc round mentor,submuscular
    Mod plus or hp to decide!
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    19th November 2015
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    175cm 65kg 12a/b

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  1. Thanks everyone!!! I seen dr richard rahdon he was great ?? i left the final decisions to him as i had to trust he knew what i was after. So far im very happy although sore as to be expected ?
  2. Your not alone my surgery is 9.30 today and im still so unsure of size and final look im trying to tell myself the surgeon is well experience and knows my desired look lol Somewere between 400 450cc and mod or high profile... just a few uncertainties haha
  3. Hi Ladies ☺ Ive got a consult with Dr Rhadon next week, seems he does alot of overs? Does he do submuscular at all? Im sure ill find out at my appt.
  4. Your stats are the same as mine i would also love to see pics, i was recommended to go up to 400cc if i liked or between 350-400 ☺
  5. Any feedback on my breast or melb Institute of plastic surgery? I seen a post on here about them and wondered if anyone has any info?
  6. Thank you for sharing!!!!! You addressed all my concerns ????? xx You have the best boobs ive seen ?
  7. Booked in for early december!, ive already had a consult with mark ashton and he could do surgery in dec. Not that im in a rush lol
  8. Thanks kura ill call them monday morning!
  9. is he booked up that far in advance? ?
  10. Ive had a consult with Mark Ashton and was going to see Richard bloom for my second consult. Obviously your happy with him? :-)
  11. I've got my consult in a few weeks with mark, if you don't mind me asking was your quote aprox 11k for strait forward ba?
  12. I've booked a consult with Mark Ashton, since looking around ive seen a few ps offering 9k packages which include day procedures and mark does over night for 14k. Any advise if overnight stay is recommended or why the large cost difference?im just curious ?
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I've booked consults with both Mark and Mansoor. I think Mansoor is cheaper due to the day procedure opposed to overnight stay. Ill chat to both of them and see what my preference is. I already feel connected to Mark since falling over his name in a google search a few weeks ago lol. I have 2 children and looking to fill my once perky boobs! im also undecided if ill have more children in the future ...
  14. Hi, Anyone able to share some before and after pics of BA with Mark Ashton? Ive booked a consult and still keen to hear other recommendations for Melbourne surgeons. Also whats the average price? 14k..
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