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  1. Calling any August 2017 girls

    Cool thanks heaps @HXC I have a pretty underwire bra that fitted me whilst I was pregnant its a 10DD it fits me now but the underwire hurts. I might have to wait a few more weeks or get fitted properly 😀
  2. Calling any August 2017 girls

    Thanks @HXC did you buy underwire? Or need any sort of padding? If possible i want to minimise my shopping time by asking you 😛
  3. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @HXC what CC did you get again? What types of bra's did you get? I have noticed my kmart one I have been wearing (PO one) isn't offering enough support now they have dropped.
  4. Calling any August 2017 girls

    Thank you @Vee94 I had some clearer pics of my boobs but they looked uneven haha. Can't believe how much they are still changing. Have you posted any pics? Im sure if you don't have cleavage its on its way. I find mine look big under higher tops but when I wear normal singlets they look normal. My nurse said they will be alot different again at my 12 week check so I am assuming they will have dropped and softened up more then
  5. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @tsal Thank u yep he loves them haha and I went through the insensitivity stage through it was really uncomfortable. And how good is it wearing clothes without the post op bra showing haha. I am really loving my boobs and belly. I feel like I did before I had kids. @HXC thank you. Yours are looking great also 😀
  6. Calling any August 2017 girls

    Hey Girls :-) Just caught up with all you comments. Glad everyone seems to be loving their new assests. I'm loving mine also, they just feel normal now. Still need to soften up a little more but feeling great. My belly is still quite sensitive and sore at time but loving the shape now. I accidentally fell asleep lastnight without my bra on. Ive got some from target which are super comphy. My husband definitely isn't complaining about them and has been allowed to touch them comfortably for the last 3-4weeks. Keep well girls. 8 weeks PO BA and TT
  7. Best breast surgeon Gold coast

    Dr Layt - Doesn't have alot of images on his website but instagram account is great. I am thrilled with my BA and TT. The clinic are so accommodating also. I had a small little issue with my incison (my body rejected one of the sutures) and he has seen me an extra 3 times after surgery at no extra cost.
  8. Post B/A Blues - Can't Stop Crying

    @E1098 sorry to hear about your experience. So cosmeditour do the revision for $3500? If so would you uwe them again considering how unhappy you are? Would it be worth looking into a fully qualified plastic surgeon instead? Hope you start feeling better. The blues are def normal. I was happy with my results for both TT and BA and I was crying for days also.
  9. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @tsal and @Vee94 not painful at all. It is actually quite common so I found out today. I didn't cause it at all. It is just a reaction between the skin and the suture and the blood flow to that area (clearly not talking very medical here) I had a local and a couple of stitches put in today very ouch after the local wore off though. My surgeon has been so accommodating. I honestly am just so happy I chose him as my surgeon. I am feeling pretty good. I am wearing clothes I haven't worn since I was pregnant with my 3rd. I feel like my old self pre kids. Still definitely recovering but I feel like I have hit another milestone and im on the home stretch. Thank god for sleeping back in bed. 5 nights straight now :-) :-)
  10. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @tsal Yep. I am actually thinking it was not infected it was just a precaution incase in case it was. They are becoming softer everyday, I am actually surprised how soft they actually are for still being so new. Yep dry skin, its not to bad so I haven't exfoliated. I do have a fee little pimples though between my boovs which I havnt had in the past.
  11. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @Vee94 yes to the sensitive nibbles. Omgoodness to the point where it is odd and a bit painful. Im 5 weeks PO today and they have settled down though. Booo for me. So this is 4.5 PO and I have to go in Wednesday to have it fixed otherwise it will drag on for weeks. My surgeon seen me today in between surgeries so didn't get a good chance to talk to him. Think he just has to put a little stitch in it. So glad I went local. This is the 4th time ive seen him in 5 weeks. Thank goodness its all be no charge.
  12. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @tsal all good. Did get slightly infected but just need to keep the dressing off it and out bedadine on it 3 times and stay on the antibiotics. They want to see me Friday again just to make sure it looks ok but ill see how I go. It means leaving work again :-/. All these have been free for and I seen him 3 times before my surgery also which weren't charged. Can't wait to start feeling completly normal again. But I slept on my side lastnight and it was so good lol. I actually slept close to 11 hours and only woke up once to switch sides. (The little things in life hey!) :-)
  13. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @Cindz81 yep took a full dose of antiniodics. The nurse originally changed it at my week po appointment then she said for me to change it one week after that and to start using the silotape. I didn't change the silotape for 5 days but when I went on Saturday she said that one needs to be changed every 3/4 days. Itchy should mean healing
  14. Calling any August 2017 girls

    @tsal I think it may have been. The nurse took a photo and went it to my surgeon. She called back afterwards and said he wanted me on them before my appoint on Monday just to be safe. I hadn't had an fevers my boob was just really sore and it did look quite red. My left side scar is healing beautifully. I think maybe I have over stretched and irritated the right side. My skin had a reaction to the silotape tape also. Ive still got 2 red bumpy tape marks from yesterday when the nurse took it off and it gets a bit sweaty with that tape so im back to the original tape dressing
  15. Calling any August 2017 girls

    I ended up seeing the nurse from my surgeons office on Sat morning. I was changing the dressing under my right boob and it looked a bit gross. My right boob was also aching and had this weird stabbing pain. Anyway on anti biodics and seeing my surgeon tomorrow. The nurse said the stabbing pain (the way I have it anyway) is most likely a bit of nerve damage :-/ but it will subside over time. My belly feels really sore in a few spots so glad my surgeon wants to see me. I must say I cannot fault the service where I went.