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    BA with Dr Kollias 7th Jan - 385cc HP sub-fascial
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  1. Around $10k all up. Found Kollias very good, more on the conservative side so if you’re wanting a significant size increase you’ll have to push for it a bit more wait time wasn’t long. Kollias is moreso word of mouth so you won’t see much online about him. I recommend him tho.
  2. Hi Margaret, I breastfed two children which resulted in deflated breasts. I had my BA with Dr Kollias as well and found him very good, if anything I would say he was conservative but thorough. I would’ve gone slightly bigger if I had my time again however Im very happy with them two years on & they are SO much better than they were!!!
  3. Dr Kollias very happy although could’ve def gone bigger!
  4. Hi @MellieMoo im only just approaching 3 months post op so still wearing a compression bra. I may not have a fitting until I see Kollias for my 3 mth check up in a couple of weeks - so am unsure of my cup size. Think I would say they were a D, they don't look much bigger than that to me. I was a deflated C beforehand due to breastfeeding two children. I was recommended both 365cc by Kollias and Moore (APSA) but pushed Kollias for more although only went to 385cc and I wish I went to at least 400cc as I tried on sizers at APSA which was really good to give me an accurate opinion on size. Def get two consultations regardless and get one from someone like Cooter or Moore (or someone at APSA) so you can try decent sizers on. I'm 41 so Kollias would prob be even more conservative with me going to large even though I'm tall with broad shoulders and could pull it off however I think if you're younger say I'm your 20's and pushed for bigger he'd go with it. At the end of the day he will guide you to what he feels will be best for your body but it's your money so you need to get what you want. I'm not unhappy with mine and it is very early days however I def think I should've had 400cc min. And I'm not saying that to be greedy, I just feel like my boobs were fuller when I breastfed my firstborn than what they are now!!! So they don't feel like a huge size difference however they look 100% better!!
  5. Hi @melliemoo, I had my BA with Kollias in January and I'm very happy. I also had a consult with APSA but chose Kollias based on price and I felt much more comfortable with him. Dr Cooter also has a good reputation. Kollias charged just over $9k for my surgery which included an overnight stay in St Andrews. You won't find any web info on Kollias BA surgeries as he doesn't promote it. He's an endocrinologist and his main work is related to cancer, breast lumps, breast reconstruction and mastectomies etc. Hes a really lovely guy. He does more of a natural look tho so if you're looking for really large implants you'll possibly have to beg!!! 😂 His initial consult is approx $230 from memory then you don't pay for further consults.
  6. cheetah

    Jan group

    Ok so who else has sore nipples?????!! 😳 It's almost 5 weeks since my op, and they're still super sensitive & on permanent high beam!!!
  7. cheetah

    Jan group

    Thanks @BoobsCD maybe I've been looking at them too much and have become too used to the size already!!! I'm 174cm and has 385cc HP rounds and have felt all along that I could've had at least 400 min but surgeon wasn't keen. Anyway just need to be patient...they are 100% better than what was!!! Mine are raised too at 3 weeks and I would say this is completely normal. The skin has been cut so it'll take time for the swelling to go down and heal. Not sure how long the incision would need to be, I'm guessing just big enough to put implant inside....are you worried about yours??
  8. cheetah

    Jan group

    Well I hope you're right ladies because that's all I can see at the moment & im about to upload week 3 post-op pics so have a look! I also have boob greed already so hoping for some serious D&F!!!
  9. cheetah

    Jan group

    Yep definitely @Rachybabe I was soooooo bloated
  10. cheetah

    Jan group

    Does anyone in the Jan group have slightly different sized breasts but not enough to warrant different sized implants?? My left is naturally bigger than my right which I mentioned to my surgeon in my first & second consult however he said it's not enough to warrant a larger implant in the right however it's all I can notice when I look at my boobs!!! I'm only 3 weeks post-op and they're settling at different rates, as they do, so I'm hoping it will even out more....
  11. cheetah

    Jan group

    Yes @Belindajp I'm three weeks post-op tomorrow and have been experiencing a shooting pain in my left breast. Not super painful but def makes me press the spot where it's happening.... weird. I was calm throughout the lead-up and right up until I was given my anaesthesia @Maria I think because it's something i've been thinking about for a long time. However I woke up teary from my anaesthetic so I think deep down there was a small fear of not waking up and leaving my two young children without a mum! Good luck tomorrow, you'll be so happy with it's over & you have new boobs!
  12. cheetah

    Jan group

    I hope surgery went well today...@Stacy013 @leelou @excited_much @Belindajp & good luck for tomorrow @grace1010
  13. cheetah

    Jan group

    Don't worry - the boob lady came over today and I've got an $85 compression bra now too! So I've spend $60 on the other two plus this one!!! I wear the stretchier one at night. As much as the compression bra is tight and restrictive my boobs don't ache wearing it but they did with the other so you're prob better off. I give myself a 1/2-1 hour without the bra each day anyway....they need a break sometimes! I'm going to ring Kollias office tomorrow because I swear he said 3 months for this bra 😱😱😱
  14. cheetah

    Jan group

    It won't hurt @hannah88 just pulls on the fine hairs on your body but nothing crazy at all, you'll be fine!!! If you want to tag someone you just need to type the @ symbol before their name
  15. cheetah

    Jan group

    I struggled with this too @Theloveofa drink heaps of water, pear juice is really good and easier to drink than prune juice 😝 also I don't take this but others have had luck with Coloxyl & Senna tablets, Fybogel sachets are good but need to drink plenty of water too. Tinned peaches are also good to help get things moving! Good luck!
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