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    cheetah reacted to Sandy_ in Sizing ladies!   
    Amazing! Very kind man and super confident with what he is talking about. Everything he recommended is what I was already thinking so felt confident with him ☺️ Thank you so much for the recommendation!
    I have no idea what breast size I am as I have barely anything and always felt too insecure to get sized professionally. I think almost a b cup but I emphasise the ALMOST part. 
    I was wanting to go up to a D so that is exciting you got there with the same cc! Are you happy with the size? Anything you would suggest for picking the size/implant? I want to get more volume at the top of the breast, compact and good side profile. 
    Are you happy with the overall volume and profile with that size? I am almost a b cup and have minimum breast tissue to work with. ?
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    cheetah reacted to emilyxwagner in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    1 Day Post-Op vs. 1 Month Post-Op. I can’t wait for them to D&F more but I know I have a lot more time to go. xoxo
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    cheetah got a reaction from Sandy_ in Sizing ladies!   
    Hi @Sandy_ I got 385cc round, high profile, sub fascial with Kollias over two years ago. I was a 12C but following two children I was super-deflated! I’m a 12D and they’re a huge improvement on what I had prior however given my height 174cm and broad shoulders I def could’ve gone bigger. Kollias is quite conservative so i guess if you want bigger you’ll need to push a bit. He’s a great surgeon tho & there are plenty of Adelaide girls on who with good reviews. I don’t log on often but pretty sure there are pics on my profile.
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    cheetah reacted to margaretriver in BA in Adelaide   
    Hi @cheetah, thanks for the reply! I’m 2wpo now! Saw Dr Cooter- subfascial anatomicals-345/390 to correct assymetry! Feel like they are a good size for my shape- I feel like it’s been corrective/restorative surgery. Should have done years ago!
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    cheetah got a reaction from MellieMoo in Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs   
    Hey @MellieMoo I have my BA done with Kollias around two years ago. I have been happy with the whole process and just like the others have said, so have several others I’ve spoken to. 
    I believe Kollias is very conservative so in my opinion I think he would’ve made the decision which will give you the best option
    Good luck, very excited for you!
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    cheetah got a reaction from simply_me in Dr Kollias BA advice   
    Sorry @simply_me I had missed your reply. I got round implants, I’m unsure he does teardrop? Maybe?? Anyway I find him quite conservative and believe he will recommend the best size, shape and position for you and your body. 
    Kolias’ recommendation was 365cc and I pushed a bit further (not much!) but should’ve gone a bit larger as I’m 174cm and have broad shoulders so could def have carried off a larger size. Anyway they’re 1000 times better than how they looked before - post breastfeeding two babies! I’m assuming you’re younger so I think he’ll let you get a larger size if you want. He’ll guide you with his recommendation but after all, you’re the one paying the money! I think he was also more conservative with me as I’ve had children and not in my 20’s!
    @simply_me hey I just replied then noticed you had surgery last week - sorry you had to endure my waffle in the previous message ?
    Anyway you had 450cc and sounds like you’re very happy, that’s awesome! I def should’ve gone with 450cc ah well too late now lol. So glad you’re happy with the results 
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    cheetah reacted to margaretriver in Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs   
    Hi @MellieMoo! I didn’t go with Dr Kollias in the end but had a consult where he recommended overs to me too. The surgeon I did go with also recommended overs (just different implant type) but u had read as long as you have greater than 2cm of breast tissue, That’s sufficient to cover them. I had 3.5. Dr K didn’t measure me specifically, just did a pinch test. I’ve got overs - 2wpo and can’t see the outline. I think if u can have them u should, I really wanted to avoid breast animation, plus wanted a smoother recovery. Initially post op it’s not been great but overs will have you returning to your preop lifestyle quicker. 
    If you’re concerned you should get a second opinion. I was booked in with Dr K but cancelled after a second opinion but not due to anything he said or recommended. There are others that have used him on here and love him too and I think you will get great care and great outcome with him as equal to what any other reputable PS. He is also about $2k cheaper than PS I saw (dr cooter). 
    Good luck. Pm me of you have any qns! ?
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    cheetah reacted to simply_me in Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs   
    @MellieMoo I just had surgery with Dr Kollias last week, I didn't get overs but I did get 450cc round dual plane and I am extremely happy with my results as are so many other girls that have used him, I understand your concern but i don't think you would be disappointed with him at all he really knows his stuff and I haven't came across anyone with a negative thing to say, he wouldnt recommend it if he didnt think he could give you amazing results. Just to ease any doubts you have get a second or even third opinion I think you will find the recommendations very similar if you see reputable surgoens, which will hopefully ease your nerves and if they are the same I'd definetly stick to Dr kollias not because he is cheaper but just because his work is truely amazing the lower price is just a bonus. I could not speak highly enough of him, when other girls said same thing i had my doubts and thought maybe they just overly excited but now ive done mine i can definetly say the same.. His price also includes a night stay in hospital where the staff are absolutely amazing, worth every dollar. A nurse there was telling me how she thinks Dr Kollias must be a real boob man as his work is always fantastic and how she had a niece who travelled to Sydney and paid 19k to get hers done and they are no where near as good as what Dr Kollias does.
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    cheetah got a reaction from margaretriver in BA in Adelaide   
    Hi Margaret, I breastfed two children which resulted in deflated breasts. I had my BA with Dr Kollias as well and found him very good, if anything I would say he was conservative but thorough. I would’ve gone slightly bigger if I had my time again however Im very happy with them two years on & they are SO much better than they were!!! 
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    cheetah reacted to Cupcake85 in Opinions on looking "fake".... Does anyone regret going too big?   
    I got 360cc anatomicals and pre pregnancy while I loved them in bras and clothes I was disappointed with my size topless. 
    Im currently breastfeeding my second child (well breastfeeding for the first time but he's my second child) and once I've lost all the weight (I started out pregnancy plus size and lost all the baby weight plus some extra, still have heaps to go) I'm having a tummy tuck, going bigger and switching to rounds and if I need it will have another breast lift. 
    I used to be so scared of looking fake but now I honestly couldn't care less. Nothing's more disappointing than not being totally happy with your results. At the end of the day even if I look completely fake I will wear conservative clothing while doing the school runs (because sometimes I won't want to draw attention to them). 
    Currently I'm an 18F (lost a cup size during pregnancy) and while an F cup sounds big and may even look big front on I just don't have the projection side on. Do you care if you look fake knowing you can wear a high neckline or a t shirt when you don't want them out there or would you prefer to look natural (but potentially be disappointed when you want to play them up eg. Bikinis, a night out, etc). 
    Sorry for the long rambling reply and hope I've helped. 
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    cheetah reacted to rhirhiK in Before D&F and after D&F pics please   
    @dream it - live it I've just had my BA done with Dr Cooter, I'm 5 days post op. I've only just come across this forum in search of post op support, and your before and after pic makes me SO EXCITED to see what mine look like once they heal and drop!! Yours look amazing!!  
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    cheetah reacted to jinx369 in Nov 17 Boobies ?   
    So I'll start the group because I'm bored and no one else has yet ? Been booked for 28th Nov for a few weeks. I was booked for surgery 2nd march 16 but had to cancel 3weeks before surgery day do to having a car accident uninsured and needing the money back I had paid  on surgery ?
    Anyway I am now going with Dr Eddie Cheng and we are looking at either 500hp or 535UHP ? Mentor smooth Dual plane. Thinking about Keller funnel technique? 
    Here is a pic of me trying on the 535UHP

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    cheetah reacted to Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Revision Surgeons Adelaide - Recommendations   
    Dr Kollias does revision surgery here in Adelaide  I remember seeing a girl on here who had her original BA in Thailand and had a revision for rupture with Dr Kollias last year. There are definitely surgeons here that do it. Like anything, just do your research! If you feel more comfortable going interstate, by all means, do it. 
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    cheetah got a reaction from MellieMoo in Adelaide Ladies   
    Hi @MellieMoo im only just approaching 3 months post op so still wearing a compression bra. I may not have a fitting until I see Kollias for my 3 mth check up in a couple of weeks - so am unsure of my cup size. Think I would say they were a D, they don't look much bigger than that to me. I was a deflated C beforehand due to breastfeeding two children. I was recommended both 365cc by Kollias and Moore (APSA) but pushed Kollias for more although only went to 385cc and I wish I went to at least 400cc as I tried on sizers at APSA which was really good to give me an accurate opinion on size. Def get two consultations regardless and get one from someone like Cooter or Moore (or someone at APSA) so you can try decent sizers on. I'm 41 so Kollias would prob be even more conservative with me going to large even though I'm tall with broad shoulders and could pull it off however I think if you're younger say I'm your 20's and pushed for bigger he'd go with it. At the end of the day he will guide you to what he feels will be best for your body but it's your money so you need to get what you want. I'm not unhappy with mine and it is very early days however I def think I should've had 400cc min. And I'm not saying that to be greedy, I just feel like my boobs were fuller when I breastfed my firstborn than what they are now!!! So they don't feel like a huge size difference however they look 100% better!!
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    cheetah reacted to Rachybabe in Jan group   
    Hi lovely ladies how is everyones progress going?
    Finally at 6 weeks PO i have started to drop slightly? and waiting on the last patch of swelling to go down!! They are still rock hard and have very little posability of movment but it is coming ? have had a few issues with one of my incisoins healing/scabing due to the removal of a couple of small stitches but i put this down to a drunken wedding dancing the day after removal ? so have ordered some silicone sheets from overseas haha!!
    First day back at the gym today, lifting light weights, more so stretching and getting some of the movements back. Went well!
    Would love to see some beautiful progress shots!!
    Hope all is well with everyone xx
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    cheetah got a reaction from MellieMoo in Adelaide Ladies   
    Hi @melliemoo, I had my BA with Kollias in January and I'm very happy. I also had a consult with APSA but chose Kollias based on price and I felt much more comfortable with him. Dr Cooter also has a good reputation. Kollias charged just over $9k for my surgery which included an overnight stay in St Andrews. You won't find any web info on Kollias BA surgeries as he doesn't promote it. He's an endocrinologist and his main work is related to cancer, breast lumps, breast reconstruction and mastectomies etc. Hes a really lovely guy. He does more of a natural look tho so if you're looking for really large implants you'll possibly have to beg!!! ? His initial consult is approx $230 from memory then you don't pay for further consults.
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    cheetah reacted to Holly101 in Jan group   
    @Theloveofa I was told not to do any heavy lifting of the chest/arms for 8 weeks, so I've just been doing legs and cardio. Not too sure on yoga, I've only just become comfortable properly sleeping on my side/stomach and stretching my chest at 7 weeks po.
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    cheetah reacted to donatella in At what age would you let your daughter get implants?   
    I booked in for my first set at 18 (I'm 34 now)with a cosmetic surgeon it was $5000 at the time. My mother called and lobbied the poor guys clinic until the operation didn't happen. She had nothing against it but felt I rushed and booked without researching and she was dead against me having the op with him.
    i was so upset but got over it and spent the money moving to London and living there for 3 years.
    i moved back to Australia at 23 and immediately went on breast implant hunt completely with my mums blessing and booked with the top PS at the time here. Mum was my carer for both surgeries over the next 8 years.
    so I was tit-blocked my own mother but it turned out for the best so I am thankful now ?
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    cheetah reacted to Win in At what age would you let your daughter get implants?   
    18 also. If she was tuberous like I was and a surgeon said it was safe to fix them at 17 I would sign for that. I would also be more than happy to pay for them so that she wouldn't have to feel the way that I did for so many years.
    If she just wanted them bigger thats fine too. I wouldn't only want to help her if she was tuberous I think all reasons for wanting a BA are are valid. The only thing that I would expect her to do is her own RESEARCH & fully understand everything about it like I did before I made the decision. 
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    cheetah reacted to excited_much in Jan group   
    Meeee!!! Haha I'm at 2.5, started at 2weeks and is hell haha (not really) but it's very uncomfortable and annoying. It's the most pain/discomfort I have felt this entire time apart from the stabbing pains I have one day. 
    Its hard to walk around or be in a car cause if the slight chafing
    when did yours start being sensitive?
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    cheetah reacted to Kaleidoscope_Eyes in Breast Augmentation Adelaide   
    Hey maram  I had my BA with Dr Cooter last year and I'm very pleased with my results! I think Dr Cooter and Dr Kollias are the more reasonably priced surgeons in Adelaide. You can go through APSA but they are 2-3k more expensive. There is also another guy who charges only 9k but he isn't a plastic surgeon, he's a cosmetic surgeon.
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    cheetah got a reaction from Koko in Jan group   
    Ok so who else has sore nipples?????!! ? It's almost 5 weeks since my op, and they're still super sensitive & on permanent high beam!!! 
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    cheetah got a reaction from NJoy in Jan group   
    Ok so who else has sore nipples?????!! ? It's almost 5 weeks since my op, and they're still super sensitive & on permanent high beam!!! 
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    cheetah reacted to excited_much in Jan group   
    Hey ladies, I still have the righty sitting higher and tighter than the left.
    also today while brushing my wet hair I got a moderate stabbing pain in my left incision, and has continued all day  every time I move, which really sucks as it's my last day off before I go back to work and I was just starting to feel normal again and now I can't move a lot  ffs! 
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    cheetah reacted to Theloveofa in Jan group   
    I had 2 different sized implants because my surgeon pointed out that I have a slightly bigger left breast. At first he thought it's too little difference to go for different implants but then changed his mind during surgery and used 2 different ones. I'm happy he did as even though the left one had the smaller implant it still looks bigger. I was told it is Normal and to not worry as there will still be swelling and fluids.
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