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    Breast Augmentation
    OP 1 420cc High Prolile, textured, round implants by NAGOR
    OP 2 620cc Extra High Prolile, textured, round implants by NAGOR
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    Dr Andrew Broadhurst on the 12/11/2015 Dr Birch on the 31/03/2106
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    171cm, 65kg, pre op 12B, OP 1 12E, OP 2 12G

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  1. I have exactly the same stats, athletic build, I have 420hp and got to a 12DD. Now I have 620's and are a 12F. IMO 420's look natural on my build ?, even the 620's don't look ridiculous.
  2. For all the girls who have had BA upgrades did you notice a drop and fluff like the first BA? If so was it sooner? I had my second BA 4 months after my first and they hadn't dropped completely yet I don't think cause I still had a lot of upper pole.
  3. Yes, 200cc has made a noticeable different imo. i only went 1cm wider but 2cm projection forward. My PS said not to go any smaller than 100cc for an upgrade but wouldn't do any bigger than the 620's on me. Im really starting to like them on me. They look big but not ridiculous and that's what I wanted. Ive seen yours, they look great. You have a much smaller frame then I do!
  4. Just another post op pic, I am going to move them all to my friends gallery when I have a chance. 8 days post op now. Feel great, no issues, just waiting to get back into exersize. When I woke up this morning I felt like they'd shrunk, but I'm probably just getting used to them. Shape is definitely changing.
  5. My gap was considerably bigger, I would say about 3cm. This was one of my concerns. My PS dissected the muscle as much as he could without risking the implants joining and I can already see my cleavage is going to be what I want. I am really happy so far. Good on you for upgrading, I'm sure you will love them!!!, for me so much better bigger! For me the 620's look big on my frame but in no way ridiculous which is what I wanted. This was as big as I could get, I tried to push the PS out to 655 but he said no. Goodluck for tomorrow!!!!! If I'm anything to go by your recovery will be a breeze the second time round!
  6. Thanks @Melissa82 No, when I had my first op I was worried the 420's would be huge. It wasn't till after I wanted the bigger size.
  7. 5 days post op now. Saw Dr today and he is happy with everything and so am i. Can wear a sports bra if I like now. I got sized at Bras and things today as a 12G.
  8. Sorry @mycosmeticjourney the thanks was meant for you, the whole long post was for everyone, silly me.
  9. Thank Ok here is me now at 4 days post op, not a huge change but enough to tell. They really don't bother me at all anymore just a little itchy so in trying not to overdo it. I am happy with the size, they are big but that's what I wanted ?. I see Dr Birch tomorrow for my post op checkup. i Definitly recommend him!
  10. I am just 3 days post op from my second BA. I have 3 kids aged 3,4 and 5. I lifted my 14kg daughter from day 4 or so with my first BAbut i specifically used my forearm muscles and only when 100% necessary. you need to be really careful and if you feel your chest muscles engaging stop. With my second BA I have had hardly any help with he kids and them going to childcare is my only grace. I had my friend help me out with pickup and drop offs for the first 2 day however the night of my op my daughter fell out of bed and I had to pick her up off the floor ?. i can feel that I'm not engaging and stressing on my peck muscles when I do it though. to be safe I would try and not pick your toddler up for at least 2 weeks but I know sometimes a mums got to do what a mums got to do. oh and when I say picked up I mean momentarily not picking up and holding as this would definitely strain the muscles.
  11. You can start walking almost immediately and easing into other exersize a that involve legs and abs from week 2. It is really the usage of the chest muscle you are trying to avoid for the 6 weeks. I was back on my stationary bike by week 2. Although the above does depend on what your plastic surgeon recommends of course. If your worried about weight gain adjust your diet accordingly for the timeframe.
  12. Ok. Im now 3 days post op. I went for a shower yesterday and water got into one of my dressing so I had to change it. Other than that everything has gone well and I have no pain at all. It is much easier the second time around! Here they are at 3 days post op. They are much more even then the photo looks, I think the different sized bandages are throwing it off!
  13. Hi, Yes, it was only to go bigger. Other than that my implants where perfect. They cost me the same as my first set through The Breast Institute - $6490.00
  14. I have some pics in my gallery of the 420's if you want to see what they look like just send me a friend request @jellyrose Just remember the 445's will look like the 395's under the muscle. Also my 420's looked supernatural imo. They only ever looked big with a push-up bra on and even then they didn't look fake. Only my close family and a few friends knew I got them but other than that no one even noticed I got them done. If you go smaller than the surgeon suggest I think you would be disappointed because the smaller you go the further your breasts will look apart too.
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