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  1. Wow Jen Mc! You look amazing and your scar looks so good! Are you willing to post a pic of your tummy tuck scar now to show how it has healed so far? Is it very low? Did Dr Vrtick seem to think it was an issue putting the scar as low as possible? I cant wait to see Dr Lily but my consult is not until December (which seems so far away ) but from the research I have done so far, I have a feeling she's "the one". How many consults did you have with her before you booked in for surgery? And was the wait time from consult to surgery very long? Thank you so much for replying! ?
  2. Hi everyone, I am a Brisbane based mum researching surgeons in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for a tummy tuck. So far I have had one consultation with Dr Kane, and I have 3 more booked in with Dr Terrance Scamp, Dr Paul Belt and Dr Lily Vrtick. I was wondering if any ladies who have had tummy tucks with these Drs, would be willing to share their experience and/or results? Or suggest any other Brisbane and Gold Coast Doctors? One of my main concerns is having a scar as low as possible, and preferably straight, & neat looking. Thanks so much!
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