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  1. So happy so far. Mine have dropped just need them to keep fluffing!! A little worried I don't want them to drop much more! Almost 3 weeks PO ?
  2. I found my recovery from a BL/BA very easy and did everything on my own from day 1. I had overs though so I think that makes a big difference. Definitely think my C-section recovery was a lot worse. I went with Dr Richardson in Brisbane and was amazing. So happy with my results so far and I had uneven tuberous breasts. I honestly didn't didn't think they could look this good.
  3. Day 7 and couldn't be happier. Right one has started to drop but the left still hanging on a little. So impressed with his work though, so much better than what I was expecting.
  4. Thank you @Oksana so happy. Of course @Ana I just posted another photo without the dressings
  5. I had my breast lift with implants on the 26th of feb with Dr R and he was absolutely amazing. I have had a great recovery so far and he's done an amazing job. I am so happy with the size and the feel. They are already nice and soft. His team made me feel so relaxed and comfortable with my decision and answered my million questions along the way. Couldn't recommend them highly enough. You can check out my profile if you like, had all my details and some post op pics so far.
  6. Day 5 today and feeling really good. Back to all normal activities and really happy so far. The dressings come off tomorrow so can't wait to see how the nipples look. A little worried how they'll look but he's done such an amazing job with everything else should be fine. So happy with the size. How are you going @inertia ?
  7. @inertia I'm feeling good, have stopped all pain relief but keep it with me just in case, don't want to jinx myself. I washed the car yesterday which was silly but I was just getting so bored so had a bit of swelling after that. I've noticed a bit of numbness in some parts but mainly just tingly and a little itchy. I'm still sleeping in the recliner which i think is helping with the swelling etc too. They feel really soft which is nice but not like they're part of me yet haha if that makes sense. Still a bit foreign. I just can't believe its all done now, feels like just yesterday I was stressing about what size to choose etc. Overall very happy! I really believe having overs has made everything a lot easier for me. I was going to start taking Arnica today just to help with the bruising. How are you feeling day 3? Hope it get's better for you quickly. Are you happy with the size so far?
  8. Yeah I have mine Thursday. That's what I'm most worried about, seeing the incisions. started to get some bruising round my side and my ribs are tender. I'm dreading the post op bra too they fit us with, i hope its not as bad as everyone says.
  9. Thank you @Sarinka yeah I'm really pleased. Your's look amazing though, no bruising and minimal swelling! I can't wait till they d&f and to see (and feel) how they really are
  10. i've got a little bruising round the side and my ribs a little tender just like i did a big upper body workout though. I went 300cc but over the muscle too so that might be why i'm not in so much pain. Yeah I had what he called a donut lift. Really happy with it. Did you end up having the anchor lift? was size did you decide on in the end?
  11. Had surgery yesterday after with Dr Richardson. So happy with the results already! Nice and even and barely any pain. Just on panadol. Dr R and his team are amazing. Was laughing and making jokes and then next thing I know I woke up.
  12. All good now inertia. Just in recovery. How about you. So happy with mine already. Look so neat and not too big. A bit of discomfort but nothing too bad. Such a great team!! So happy it's all done. Hoping for a quick recovery for both of us !!
  13. Good luck this morning @inertia !! Hope it all goes well.
  14. Where did you get the berlei sports bras? Do they do up at the front?
  15. Oh no. Hope you feel better soon. Getting nervous now. Only a couple days to go. Did you order any extra post op bras?
  16. How are you going back at work katemav26? How's your recovery?
  17. where'd you order your bra from mummyx4? They actually look pretty good for a post op bra and can easily wear under most clothes. You look amazing by the way
  18. you and me both inertia!! I'm starting to get a bit nervous now. But trust dr Richardson. Only four more days left of work. Are you getting excited?
  19. Well done, hope recovery goes well. They look amazing, you must be so happy. I am so worried about the circumareola incision and how the nipples will look after. So much more reassured now, I just can't wait till next Friday!! I'm in at 1pm so admission at 12. You're lucky you're up first! You must be so happy to have it all done. Can't wait to see your results. Enjoy the high
  20. I've changed my sizes to 300 & 270 (originally 220 & 260) hopefully will be big enough to balance out my figure and fix my post breast feeding emptiness. I'm getting a lift too which I'm most nervous about. Which incisions did you have? Mine will be round the areola. Did ou end up going for 390? Can't wait to see your results. Hope it all went smoothly. Glad it went well Mummyx4. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Does it look like they fixed the asymmetry?
  21. Good luck today Mummyx4 and Kate!! Let me know how you go Kate, after all this stress with size I'm going back to dr Richardsons office today to triple check my sizes with the nurse. I'm going over the muscle though so hoping there won't be too much difference with the sizers compared to end result. I think size is the hardest decision!! Good luck both of you! ??
  22. JS

    Boob selfie!

    Anyone on here have over the muscle? I want to know what I'm up for ?
  23. I'm with Dr Richardson on the 26th of feb and am so worried I've gone too small. I've got 220 R/260 L HP but on top of the muscle. I've noticed hardly anyone gets it on top and finding it hard to see examples of others who have had this. Mine is fixing tuberous breasts so maybe that's why, but since reading all these threads I need some reassurance that I'm not going to be left disappointed. I've heard lots of people say the sizers look so much bigger too than the end product. I've just emailed the office to see if I can go bigger and what my options are. Anyone else going on top of the muscle or know how it changes the overall look? Hope this makes sense !!
  24. Thank you so much for your advice!! So much to think about and take. So excited now but really worried I've chosen too small a size I wish it was easier to choose
  25. I did try on sizers, the first time I was leaning towards 275 and 300 and dr richardson pretty much said thats the high end of the scale of what he'd feel comfortable with. Next appt. i tried the next size down and decided that was better for me. But now I'm really stressing. Below is my photo with the sizers in. Do you know much about diy rice sizers? Yours look amazing and definitely not too big. Not sure what time I am yet, originally I was meant to be on the 12th at 9am but then Dr Richardson was going on Leave till the 13th so had wait till the next avail. date at Gaythorn (he's only the once a fortnight) Do you know what time yours is?
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