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    breast lift with implants.
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    Dr Amorn Poomee 4th of may 2015 and Dr boonchai abdomniplasty march 2016
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    157cm, 60kg, 12 dd
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  1. Hi, what is the price of rhinoplasty with Dr Montien, through Burmrungrad hospital. Thankyou for any replies
  2. Hey ladies I was going to have my abdonniplasty done by dr boonchai in march but now he will no longer be operating Has anyone used any other surgeons from there for a tt Thankyou ladies
  3. I went over the muscle for my lift and implants, I think Dr poomee decided this because I was quite chesty I'm glad I did now.
  4. Dr poomee is one of the best surgeons for tt
  5. I will upload my photos very soon as I'm having issues with my camera. Everything went well after surgery, I've noticed my scars have faded quickly and used the ciqacare gel sheets 4 weeks after the operation. I massage them daily and wear a bra to bed. I went over the muscle, I'm happy because they look so natural.
  6. well I would rather pay the extra money than get a bodgy job, from some of the botch jobs that happen its not worth the heartache or money on fixing the mistakes. I have seen his work. He is a master at what he does.
  7. I am going to go to Dr poomee for my tt, he did my breast lift and implants in may and I am thrilled with the results. I hope to go in December or January .
  8. I will be going with a surgeon who has done my breast lift as I got excellent results. He is based in bangkok
  9. Hi ladies, I got my ba and lift with Dr Poomee on the 4th of may. I am so pleased with my results, I went over the muscle and went from a A cup to D. My breasts look extremely natural and I have more confidence. The hospital was very good, he was pricier but I wanted to get the best result. I have ciqa care gel sheets which I wear 24 hours a day and I also wear a bra all the time, I will do this for 6 months, scars are healing really well. I travelled alone, next time I will have a friend come with me when I return for my abdomniplasty I found the forum really helpful for helping me decide what to do.
  10. Hi . I took over cash in my handbag and had no problem. My plastic surgeon accepted Aussie currency and I had a safe in my hotel room.
  11. angel81


    I would ring Bangkok makeovers asap and speak to Rachel she is pretty good
  12. No mine are fine no bleeding at all I would be a bit worried hun
  13. angel81


    Hi boob dreams my wallet gone stolen today from a taxi driver I would be really careful with cab drivers
  14. Does anyone roughly know how much a tummy tuck would cost in Sydney ?
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