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  1. I experienced this as well, also in my right breast from about day 2 or 3 post op and it happened for a few days in a row. I contacted my surgeons nurse and she said that it is all relative to the surgery and pains and aches are to be expected like that. I am day 12 post op now and from day 10 I haven't experienced anymore pain. Apparently the stabbing/nerve pain is your nerves regenerating and going through the healing process. But you could always call your surgeon to double check
  2. DR Richard Rahdon!!! Soo AMAZING! When i first started researching I straight away booked a consultation with Dr "F...with his name starred out" and realised as I did more research, there was no way he would be doing my augmentation, plus I never even went to the consult in the end. There are so many amazing plastic surgeons. I looked up Dr "F" through Linkedin and his business history has been limited in the cosmetic field, he actually spent a lot of his career in electronics or computer programming..something along those lines.... so that wasn't very reassuring lol This is the best place for reviews and research and getting other women's opinions, so your in a great place to help you make your decisions on surgeons.
  3. WOW Ms_tummytuck, firstly congratulations on making the best change of your life and improving your health through fitness and nutrition. Secondly your results are amazing, that's definitely an amazing transformation, and I can see your so proud and happy now! I had my BA with Dr Rahdon the day before you had your surgery, so i can relate 100% to how understanding gentle and kind he is. I wish you all the comfort for your recovery!
  4. Hi Elisabeth, I have just recently had my BA and I wanted rounds initially but since I was borderline needing a lift and only went with a BA for now, my surgeon only felt comfortable putting in anatomical implants. I was worried I would have no cleavage however he mentioned since I wanted a large size implant I will naturally get the cleavage, plus side boob plus fullness/roundess because anatomicals aren't flat at the top, they do still have shape, its just they help kick out the breast at the bottom more, which is what i needed due to my nipple sitting slightly too low. Anyways I went with 550cc high profile, and my goodness, they are out there lol I always had the side boob so thats enhanced and I also have enough boob on my chest now for really nice cleavage. I can hide them nicely where they do look natural under certain clothes when I am around my conservative in laws, but once I put lower cut tops on or a tighter top it is quite obvious what I have had done, which I personally like that flexibility to choose how they look Good luck in your decision making!
  5. HI all, My op went so well. I am extremely happy with my results!! Dr Rahdon ended up putting in 500cc in the left and 550cc in the right, teardrop implants, over the muscle. So far pain has been minimal, just feels like I have a massive amount of milk...(to the mums who know that feeling lol), and i have tender collar bones and lower neck. Kind of feels like whip lash Anyways I feel really good so far, I know its such early days and things can change, but lets hope it only gets better from here I completely avoided the pillow fort, it was so uncomfortable within the first 5 minutes so I slept flat on my back and luckily thats what my surgeon requested I do..I was much comfier that way Good Luck to everyone coming up to their ops! xxx
  6. Thanks hun! Will post an update later on
  7. Hi ladies, I am up next with my BA tomorrow!! I haven't had any restless sleeps yet and I hope I have a good nights rest tonight. No nerves at all so far which is really unlike me lol they might just hit me hard during the night or first thing in the morning, I can't even believe the day has come already, times suddenly goes so fast. So good to see everyone who has had their procedures have had really amazing outcomes so far, I can't wait to be on the other side x
  8. Hi misshope, I am having my BA done on Thursday, and your concern was also my main concern as well. I have a 14 month old and my surgeon said I will be able to start picking him up/holding him at 7-10 days post op. I will only have full time help for 3 days post surgery so I am setting up the lounge room so I can feed him sitting on the floor as well as change him on the floor. I just haven't come up with a practical solution to get him in and out of the cot for his day naps while hubby isn't home He might have to try sleeping on the couch or something. I would say you will be just fine after 2-3 weeks to carry on looking after your two little ones, however run it past your surgeon and I am sure he will have his own advice on when and how soon you can pick them up after surgery. x
  9. Hi Tan30 I am having my BA done between kids. I have a 14 month old and want to try for another around end of next year. i couldn't wait that long to have them done. I am currently borderline lift so I decided to have the implants now and do a lift/revision after having my second if need be. I was considering waiting until after baby no.2 but my surgeon mentioned he is happy to hold off on a lift now because I may still get the results I am after then if not, come back after next baby. Your surgeon will definitely be able to give his view on it and help you come to a decision
  10. Hi Hollymay I will be having my op on thursday but I have a 1 yr old who is 11kg and my surgeon said it is ok to lift him after 7-10 days, so I am sure you will be alright
  11. Congratulations GeeK! Your looking so great already and it is awesome to see that it all went smoothly for you on the day. Reading your experience has made me that much more excited for my op next Thursday! Thanks for posting about it so soon afterwards xx
  12. Your welcome hun! If you've been having lots of surgery dreams I'd say it is definately nerves and not illness I'm sure in a weeks time you will need to reassure me and encourage me, because If I got bad nerves just from a change of date who knows what I will be like the day before lol
  13. Hi GeeK, I think that sounds like nerves because I have the same reaction when I have intense nerves kick in. I got that reaction (sorry if its TMI), when my surgery date got moved forward a week, as soon as i was off the phone to Dianne I was nauseas and couldn't leave the bathroom It was a whole mix of excitement, nerves and a bit of "what the F*** am I doing?" lol I hope once you can have a good rest and a good meal you feel better!
  14. GeeK! best of luck for tomorrow!!! Keep us all updated when your up to it I just paid for everything this afternoon and it is amazing how much more real it feels now. xx
  15. Hi, Im having my BA next Thursday, but have been advised that I won't be able to pick up my 1yr old for 7-10 days post op. I just wanted to ask my other fellow mums out there if you have any tips on how to manage getting your little ones in and out of the cot/change table/high chair. I will have full time help for 3 days and then after that I'm basically on my own from 8am till 5:30ish each day until the weekend rolls around again. I can probably change my son on the floor and then I might have to even feed him sitting on the floor I think its the cot situation when he has his few naps during the day, not sure what to do about that part. Any tips and advice would be awesome xx
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