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  1. hey Hun this is my scar 4 weeks post op I've been using strips my doctor game me to help with scarring called cimeosil, you can buy it from the pharmacy you cut it into thin strips and it sticks to your scar to help healing. One is healing better than the other but I will keep using it till the other one is good to x
  2. I'm not trying to be mean to you any of you ladies who are dead against these implants or dr Fleming, one of you asked the reasons why we got the Brazilian implants I was just explaining why I chose them and what my experience was and your right I'm not years into my implants and complications may still arise for me. All I can do is wait and see and hope for the best. Good luck ladies with all your recoveries and I'm sorry to hear about your experience.
  3. I wanted the Velcro effect they have to help with my sag however long it will last I'm ok with it not lasting forever but I wanted it for now and to give me a holding lift in my upper pole as they stay in place, plus I got shaped implants ( tear drop) and they will not have the risk of spinning for ages like textured or smooth implants may do. I researched very extensively and looks at hundreds of images, I definitely knew all the risk factors but in the end you never know what will happen, unfortunately some people just have terrible experiences with all different types of implants which really is terrible and I feel for you all who went through a traumatic experience. I personally am really happy with what Dr Fleming has done for me and I'm sure everyone has had different experiences with different PS so I can't speak on their behalf on how they feel about him, I can only go off my experience. i just hope your all healed and your finally happy with your breasts cause I know mine are a million times better than what I previously had and I'm so greatful to dr Fleming for doing his best for me. I can only imagine how hard it is to give ever client the look they are after, when we are all so different and our bodies all react differently to healing and having foreign materials placed inside us. xo ??❤️????
  4. Thanks Hun I'm really happy with the results I have, glad you have had a good experience also. xo
  5. Hi I had him as my surgeon to and I was driving 3 days after surgery and back to work after 8 days. I'm really happy with mine and he has been really good with his communication as I live in cairns. It's great to hear you had a pleasant experience also ?
  6. I'm pretty sure we haven't bagged out any body. Everyone has different experiences let's hope we stay happy with ours x
  7. Every breast is different and each person suits different implants to how there breast is I totally agree that these implants are probably better suited to people who have lost breast tissue in the upper pole but still have some tissue to there breast. The problem is it's so hard to know what is best for you as so many PS have different opinions and certain looks they prefer. I saw 3 plastic surgeons and did a lot of research over the net of similar looking breasts to mine with different techniques and implants I knew I had to have the Brazilians as they would give me the look I was after much better than a textured implant. I say research is the key and to get more than 1 opinion. xoxo
  8. I had surgery 3 weeks ago with Dr Fleming I'm actually really happy with my Brazilian implants they have dropped since surgery and look pretty natural now they are also softening up already so I'm having a completely different experience with them then what other people have posted on here. I'm so happy I chose them as I wanted more volume in my upper breast as I had no breast volume after breast feeding. They have given me exactly the look I was after and they shouldn't drop to much further which is great cause it would make my breast super saggy if they did drop more and if I had textured implants that's what would have happened I wanted the Velcro type as I had sag prior to surgery, I went dual plane technique to help give a slight lift.
  9. I explained everything to my 6 year old the reasons behind why I was doing it so she knew it wasn't just to get big boobs and just told my 4 year old they will be bigger after my operation. They look at my boobs all the time and say wow you have big boobies mum lol but in time they will only know me as having them and it won't effect them in anymore.
  10. thanks Hun I went back to work 1 week post op and I was fine getting up on my own ect straight after surgery. One super fast recovery for me hey Hun, thank you ? I went 350cc dual plane shaped implant xo
  11. hey I'm 1 week post op now I had dual plane done they are starting to soften up down the bottom now one had dropped more than the other. I hope they don't drop to much more I'm pretty happy where they are now I just would like the left one to drop a fraction more and I'd be happy ?
  12. As long as I can move my breast in the next month I'll be happy lol right now they don't move at all
  13. hi Hun I can in box you a photo of my BA I had yesterday as my breast have a large gap between also?
  14. Ladies how long does it take for the implants not to feel like hard rocks on your chest? Just had surgery today.
  15. Mine are further apart and I know they will look huge under shirts lol
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