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  1. I had my surgery yesterday too with Dr Theo direct with the Breast Academy (didn't feel like it was necessary to go through cosmedi agent as I live just down the road from the academy. I was really freaking out because I had never been under GA before, but they made me feel really comfortable. Dr Theo was great, and I'm feeling pretty good i would recommend them because its in a hospital and they are all FRACS surgeons. I would not go with a cosmedic surgeon or go under twilight sedation in a cosmedic clinic, I have heard really bad things about these companies recently, I think a girl has died recently and another gone into cardiac arrest because of twilight sedation. I personally wouldn't risk it.
  2. Good luck, not long now. I'm so thirsty and can't drink water
  3. Hey Oct.Boobies :), I found out a few weeks ago that most likely my surgeon will be Dr Strandwick and Dr. Nyame, however in the past they said they have had to change surgeons around. I have heard really good things about Dr. Nyame so pretty happy I have him. Have you found out what time your surgery is? mine is at 4pm
  4. My surgery is on the 26th too with the breast academy. Who are your surgeons?
  5. Im going direct through the breast academy, I think it saves you a fee from cosmeditour agency. my surgery is on the 26th october with Dr Strandwick and Dr. Nyame. very excited and nervous. The other surgeons are Dr Justin Perron (from Canada), and Dr Yosanta Rajapakse (from Sydney). "They are all fully qualified Plastic Surgeons, and are Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. This means they have completed medical school, and have gone on to complete a further 8 years of specialist training and study in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. All our Surgeons are experienced in breast augmentation procedures" < that was in one of my emails from them
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