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    Bangkok Thailand
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    Breast Augmentation: 325cc silicone, round, medium profile, inframammary crease incision
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    Bangkok Makeovers, Dr Preeyaphas, Feb 2013
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    28A; 5'2" (157 cm); 115 lb (52 kg); 23 years old; wanting C cup

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  1. Hi Georgia! I'm going with them in a few days so I will keep you posted as to my results I'm also having a BA with dr Preeyaphas and from what I have heard he is a miracle worker!
  2. Hey ladies! I just wanted to start a thread for us gals with smaller implants! I'm only looking at getting a subtle enhancement myself, and based on some results I've seen in these forums and in before and after galleries I have decided that 225-250cc would give me the outcome I want. I usually wear 10A bras but even then they tend to be loose on me, and everyday is an ultra-padded, push up bra day. Mainly I want to attain the large C look that my bras give the illusion of, to me it is large enough to fill out my clothes nicely yet small enough so I can continue with my active lifestyle without them getting too much in the way, as well as small enough so I don't need to replace a large portion of my wardrobe to accommodate my new shirt size. I'm also intending for nobody to be able to tell the difference, as I'm keeping my plans hush hush I love the natural look so I'm going to ask my surgeon to give me results that would fool a plastic surgeon So ladies, any of you getting implants towards the smaller end of the scale? Let's hear about them!
  3. Congratulations Lozz!! Just wanted to let the other ladies here know that Lozz knows a thing or two about getting correctly fitted for bra size She's a go-to gal for bra fittings!
  4. Hi Nic! I'm a petite girl too: 157cm, 48kg, wearing 10A bras and looking at 250cc. My surgery is in 3 days so I'll add you as a friend so you can see my albums once I create them in a few days
  5. I'm flying solo with jetstar and I'm going to check in early (my lift to the airport will bring me there about 2 hours before check in opens for my flight). Hmmm..wonder if they'll give me an upgrade There is also Victoria's secret at sydney airport I will be dying to check out. Just have to resist the temptation to buy any bras when I still won't know my final size!
  6. I've flown with Thai airways before and I thought they were amazing! I'm only flying alone so I'm lucky enough to be able to find flights that cheap the downside with going solo is I will have to rely on strangers to help stow my bag above my seat on the way back (no heavy lifting for a few weeks) $877 is still really good! Do you have to stop over anywhere Lois? It seems that having a BA would be a good opportunity to treat the whole family to a nice holiday too
  7. Hi becczo! I'm having my BA in Thailand next week and will be in Bangkok for 8 days. Arriving day 1, surgery on day 2, and I believe i return to hospital for the surgeon to remove the stitches on day 6, fly back on day 8. You won't need to bring any kind of scar treatments like silicone sheets to thailand in the 8 day time frame. You are not supposed to use anything for your scars until the wound has closed up which I believe can take around 2 weeks. Just buy it once you get back home
  8. My Bangkok boobies are just 4 days away! I scoured the net for sale flights for several weeks after booking my surgery back in June this year. I'm in Sydney and found return flights with jetstar from melbourne to BKK for $370 ish and booked those quickly. Knowing very well that sale flights syd to Melbourne return occur quite frequently. Sure enough I managed to book return syd to melb a few days later with tiger and jetstar. You could get good deals if you are willing to make up your own itineraries and book with different airlines. Total airfares for me are $465 ish only. I opted not to get check in baggage as I am able to fly light and don't want to carry much while I'm recovering anyway! If I end up shopping a lot there I could always post the stuff back home, which ends up costing pretty much the same but without the stress of having to carry it
  9. Hi robynas! Im flying over next week from Melbourne to thailand and it's costing me $370 ish return with Jetstar. I had to be very diligent with checking sales flights every day and flexible enough to check flights departing othe Australian cities. A few days later I was lucky enough to find sale flights from Sydney to Melbourne and back for $80 ish. You may have to play mix and match with different airlines to get good deals. Your surgery is a year away so I'm confident you'll run into a few sales by then! Thailand is very hot in October and november which are the times I have been there! As in.. So hot that even denim shorts feel too hot! You will want to bring as light breathable clothing as possible. Don't overpack as there are many bargains over there! Good luck getting answers to your other questions.
  10. Good question Miss A.. I've been curious about this myself. Not for the waterfall jumping but more for diving into the pool! I imagine that early on you'd need a supportive one piece rather than a bikini to safely do these..anyone know?
  11. becca and soon to be boobs: OH HOW I FEEL YA on the waistline issue! I like to think of it as moving from a H body shape to an X! I like the sound of saying you have "brazilian" implants..sounds so exotic every time you mention it, evokes images of holidays, beaches, palm trees, and hot tanned bods. really puts the "fun" in your funbags! Do you have another consultation soon to get the stitches out?
  12. So today's your big day! Take care soon to have boobs. I'm sending you an FR since our stats are similar. I'm thinking 325cc but lately have been considering down sizing to 300 since I don't want ANY upper pole fullness. Ill be thinking of you today! Some things that might help: Electric toothbrush to help out in brushing Dry shampoo aerosol eg Batiste (from woollies, Priceline)
  13. Haha there are always push up bras for days you plan on doing any arm folding! They'll place your boobs higher and more centrally so folding your arms can be a breeze. Haha really though, I don't think there is much I'll miss about being flat chested. All these pesky little everyday changes will probably be a source of amusement and laughter rather than annoyance
  14. Say goodbye to: Brushing teeth without fear of toothpaste foam stains Eating flaky or crumby food without "saving some for later" Long necklaces that don't disappear into your cleavage Folding your arms comfortably
  15. Thanks for the link lozz! I think everyone ought to use this calculator to determine their size. Not many women realise that the band is supposed to be snug around their underbust, and a disproportionately high number wear band sizes too big and cup sizes too small for them. Also you should generally be wearing new bras on the loosest clasp then go to to progressively tighter clasps as the bra ages and loses some of its stretch.
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