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    Bangkok Thailand
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    Breast Augmentation: 325cc silicone, round, medium profile, inframammary crease incision
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    Bangkok Makeovers, Dr Preeyaphas, Feb 2013
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    28A; 5'2" (157 cm); 115 lb (52 kg); 23 years old; wanting C cup

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  1. Hello we are after similar results. Just sent a FR. Would love to see your results and follow your story! :)

  2. Hope your surgery went well :)

  3. Hi Summerblush, aw thank you that's so sweet of you to say :) of course I don't mind if you use my pics, I feel very flattered that you would want to use them! Wow not long for you now! I bet you're bouncing off the walls with excitement lol. I bet you'll end up with a beautiful result - your pre op boobs are a great shape! All the best for your big day and be sure to keep us updated! XO

  4. Hi Georgia! I'm going with them in a few days so I will keep you posted as to my results I'm also having a BA with dr Preeyaphas and from what I have heard he is a miracle worker!
  5. Hi btb! Finally the day is drawing near...I'm flying off to Thailand tomorrow morning and I'm so excited that my big day is approaching for my bangkok boobies! Just wanted to express my appreciation for your albums because I'm starting out as small breasted as your pre-op photos (I made an album today!) so your results were a very helpful guide as to the outcome I'm after. I hope you don't mind but I included some of your pictures in my inspiration photo collection I will be showing my doctor. So I wanted to say...congratulations on your beautiful ba results, and thanks for being such a valuable member of this community and sharing your pictures with the rest of us ladies. You're a gem :) xo

  6. Sending you a FR derzuz! I'm a petite girl myself, 157cm 48kg and 10A looking to get implants in the 225-250cc range when I go in for surgery in two days. You must be so thrilled with your results, they look fantastic in your pic!

  7. hi goldygirl21 :) just sending you a FR :) I'm getting my bangkok boobies in just 2 days and I'm considering the 225-250cc range to bring my As to C/Ds! so excited about having a beautiful summer body for the holidays :)

  8. hi newgirl! I'm also slim and petite, looking at getting small implants of thee 225-250cc range. Hoping you will accept my FR :) My surgery is just 2 days away, so excited!

  9. Hi freidabc! I'm going in for my BA 2 days from now and I'm of a similar build to you - slim and petite, looking at getting small implants of around 225-250cc. Hope you don't mind my sending you a FR :)

  10. Hey ladies! I just wanted to start a thread for us gals with smaller implants! I'm only looking at getting a subtle enhancement myself, and based on some results I've seen in these forums and in before and after galleries I have decided that 225-250cc would give me the outcome I want. I usually wear 10A bras but even then they tend to be loose on me, and everyday is an ultra-padded, push up bra day. Mainly I want to attain the large C look that my bras give the illusion of, to me it is large enough to fill out my clothes nicely yet small enough so I can continue with my active lifestyle without them getting too much in the way, as well as small enough so I don't need to replace a large portion of my wardrobe to accommodate my new shirt size. I'm also intending for nobody to be able to tell the difference, as I'm keeping my plans hush hush I love the natural look so I'm going to ask my surgeon to give me results that would fool a plastic surgeon So ladies, any of you getting implants towards the smaller end of the scale? Let's hear about them!
  11. hi aboobies! I'm getting my implants in 2 days and hoping to get 225-250cc. Just sending you a FR hope you don't mind :)

  12. Congratulations Lozz!! Just wanted to let the other ladies here know that Lozz knows a thing or two about getting correctly fitted for bra size She's a go-to gal for bra fittings!
  13. hi coco! Just wanted to add you as a friend as we have similar stats. I'm 157cm, 48kg, 10A getting around 250cc in 2 days. I'm hoping to get a C to D cup with this. So excited about my Bangkok boobies :)

  14. Hi Nic! I'm a petite girl too: 157cm, 48kg, wearing 10A bras and looking at 250cc. My surgery is in 3 days so I'll add you as a friend so you can see my albums once I create them in a few days
  15. I'm flying solo with jetstar and I'm going to check in early (my lift to the airport will bring me there about 2 hours before check in opens for my flight). Hmmm..wonder if they'll give me an upgrade There is also Victoria's secret at sydney airport I will be dying to check out. Just have to resist the temptation to buy any bras when I still won't know my final size!
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