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  1. Huck

    Update ?

    I hope all goes well for you & things turn out better than you hoped x
  2. Huck

    Update ?

    KittenLover that's my concern.. If he has stuffed up & has not shown any real concern about all this then what happens if he totally destroys me second time around that I will be totally unfixable. I'm sure there are many women on here who have not been happy with their new boobs or had botched jobs. I just can't say too much on here. But if I had the money I would definitely be going to another surgeon.
  3. Huck

    Update ?

    Thanks girls ? Yes I will have to have another operation but have to wait a bit, not sure yet when Doctor will do it. Just fed up with the pain & everything. Am feeling a tad more positive , & can't wait till it gets sorted but do have concerns because this stuff up shouldn't have happened in the first place. xx
  4. Hi beautiful ladies, it has been a while since I've been on here, & I just want to say a big Thankyou for all the well wishes & thoughts. It means a lot. I can't wait to read & see everyone's progress. I havent been able to come on here because it was just too hard , though i am extremely happy for everyone, I was just struggling way too much with my situation. Without going into too much detail (at this moment anyway), I'd just like to inform you that it has not been great progress at all. Things did not & have not improved at all. It has been a very depressing & stre
  5. My f*#ÔéČked up boobs.???
  6. Hi Blossom.. Saw my own doctor today & a nurse. They were quite shocked with the results. My doctor (& myself too) cannot believe the PS yesterday didnt even bother to take my tape off to look at my nipples!! I will be seeing my doctor & another doctor next week & week after... so they can check on progress & record & detail everything. And in a few weeks we will see what action to take & what to do. Just sucks so much. Especially sad about my screwed up right areola. Don't know how they can make it bigger . :(
  7. Nah haven't put any up yet tinylittlekitty
  8. Hi girls, so PS said if the dent doesn't go away by my next appointment (18th Jan) that he will inject some local anesthetic & can't remember exactly what he said but he'll do something that should get rid of dent... & he said the nipples are still early days... And the hardness of my left breast , the one with the dent , is due to fluid still being in there. I got a script for painkillers. I still don't feel reassured. I know it's only been a month so we will see what happens in the next few weeks. Still feel upset & disappointed. Im seeing my local GP in the morning. I'll see wh
  9. Blossom I noticed day 1 post op when I took the dressings off the dent & half the side of left was higher. yeh they don't look lifted to me either. They just look completely butchered
  10. It's paining in my left boob & has gotten worse over the last week or so. Right boob hasn't had any pain. And lefty is harder.
  11. Thanks girls. I'll let you know how I go on Wednsday. Trying not to think about it but I've got pain so I can't forget it totally
  12. Yeh me too, I just wished they looked normal & beautiful & lush. so bummed right now.
  13. I ended up leaving the medical centre before I saw a doctor as I had been waiting hours & had about another 20 people before me. I received an email & phone call from a lady from the plastic surgery clinic, & I am going in on Wednsday to see the PS.
  14. Donatella I live 2 1/2 hours away from the hospital where I had sugery at.
  15. I had never heard of him. Dr Kenny from TCI referred me to him as he said I would need a lift because my chest is built lower ... Being a plastic surgeon in a private hospital I thought I'd be well taken care of. im waiting at a medical centre at the moment -when I get home I'll see if there is a direct phone number in my paperwork .
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