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  1. Hey was just wondering what exactly medical grade skin treatments are? I'm heading back to Sydney for my post op appointment in a few weeks with Dr M and saw on the medi-spa section of his website that they do them but just wanted to see exactly what they were before I decided to book anything thanks
  2. I was the same, I hated touching them but I just touched them for a few seconds and slowly worked my way up each day its the worst when they are hard hahaha
  3. my nipples have been super sensitive as well! but my post op instructions say to touch them at least 3 times a day for a little bit to desensitise them and mine have definitely improved the last couple of days, I've been doing it for at least a week now
  4. Wow I just sneezed for the first time since surgery and it was the most painful thing! Felt like my stitch ripped open!! really hope I don't have to sneeze ever again haha
  5. definitely agree with you on that one my least favourite part now is touching them.. I absolutely hate it because I can't feel anything so that makes it feel weird.. If that makes any sense haha
  6. Thanks ladies! I had a nice cool bath and very very slowly took off my bra and after a few minutes I was used to not having the bra on. A little bit uncomfortable but nothing as bad as I was expecting. They look so weird!!! Haha since hopping out and getting dressed again I feel so much better and much more relaxed
  7. Hey everyone.. I don't know if this sounds crazy or not but I had my surgery Thursday afternoon and I'm still too scared to take my bra off! I think I'm going to soon so i can have a proper bath/shower but I've read that some people feel like the implant is going to fall out or and it can be painful when they first take it off so I'm way too scared.. Have lots of people experienced this?
  8. thanks again healing is going great so far!
  9. were you in much pain with yours?
  10. yeah I should still be still good to walk around.. I've only been taking normal panadol so far with no pain, just a little bit of discomfort sometime. I really hope it stays this way and I don't wake up with really bad pain
  11. thanks Maisie's I'll check those ones out. I still have a few weeks before I can wear them as I only had surgery yesterday but I thought since I'm in sydney I might buy some of the bralettes because I don't have those shops at home
  12. I'm here until Thursday with my post op check up on Tuesday how long are you here for?
  13. thanks I didn't think they would be supportive enough but just thought I should check. Might just buy some anyway to wear once everything has settled and healed
  14. Maybe if you need one he will give it to you when you have your check up? I have no idea really, just guessing i really hope o don't get any bad pain at All! Because I would really like to go for a walk around the shops and the movies. I'm not from Sydney either so I wanna make the most of it
  15. hey everyone I'm pretty sure after 2 weeks I'm able to wear any kind of bra as long as there is no wire in it and I was just wondering if these would be supportive enough? I will also buy some of the wire fee ones from bras n things as well but would love to wear some of these as well if I'm able to because they're so cute haha
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