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  1. 4 weeks from today and I'll be on my way ☺ Think I have everything I need. Wont be taking too much, will be doing some hard core shopping when I'm up and about. Reminded my other half that there's only a month to go before he's on holidays (he's staying home to look after the kids) and he says - that reminds me, I sold one of my bikes, here, go cash this cheque! Yewwwww! More $$$ to shop with!!!
  2. My surgery date is now the 20th of Feb, fly out on 18th. Had to move to accommodate Dr P ☺
  3. Totally agree with a cheat day. When I first started looking after myself, I gave myself one day a week to have whatever I wanted for the whole day. After about a month or so, my cheat day turned into a cheat meal - I didn't do it on purpose, I just wasn't craving crap anymore. I stick with 'real' food like meat, veg, salads, nuts (limited fruit) I stay away from bread pasta rice ect. Keep it simple and healthy (or clean) eating is not hard. I don't really exercise much, go for a walk now and then and if I did, I'm sure I'd drop a few kgs but I'm pretty happy with how I am. I'm 33 with 3 kids so I understand being time poor but if you keep it simple and maintainable, you shouldn't have any problems with keeping it up.
  4. Thanks guys ☺ I've so got this! My partner is quitting with me (bless his cotton socks) so we're going to support each other as best as we can. I have a nicotine free ecig if I get desperate and am happy to go to patches if the champix sends me crazy. It's so freakin on!
  5. Ok so I started on Champix today and I'm so ready to quit. Who else has done it successfully? I plan on having my last smoke tomorrow night and I'm six weeks away from surgery. Share some motivating stories please!!
  6. jdm

    Boob selfie!

    You guys are awesome! So many inspo pics! I have a stack already to show my ps in February, adding a few more now 😉
  7. After your deposit is paid contact your rep and they'll add you in ☺
  8. Hey there! I'm also having a ba + bl with dr pornthep, going through cosmeditour, heading over feb 18 for surgery on the 20th. Are you the the private Facebook cosmeditour page at all?
  9. Hi all, The OS surgery thread seems a little slow lately. Just thought I'd ask how everything is coming alone for the pre op ladies and how recovery is going for the post op ladies? All I can think of is BOOBS! I seriously can't wait til February!!
  10. jdm

    Boob selfie!

  11. How freakin exciting! Good luck cassiedd ☺
  12. So I noticed it's getting a little hot in here and I personally have not had enough coffee to cope with negativity just yet (even though I appreciate every single opinion on here, 💟 you guys!) How bout you gorgeous post op ladies drop a boob selfie or 2 and make us all smile again! OMG I'm a pervert.... Just super excited about getting mine done in feb 16 and love checking you all out!
  13. Have you considered Thailand? You're thinking of going overseas anyway!
  14. Hey kittenlover, search for MaisieF. She had tuberous breasts and ended up with a smokin rack after her ba+bl. Dream boobies!
  15. This is awesomeness! Not feeling so alone now ☺
  16. OMG! This gives me hope! I'm a tummy sleeper...there's just no other way for my sleep to come. God I hope this will be me! Sorry, no help, yet to have surgery ☺
  17. I won't miss feeling insecure about my boobs. I won't miss never feeling sexy. I won't miss having to buy push up bras and having to add more padding to one side. I won't miss second guessing myself every time my shirt comes off in front of my partner or cringing when he touches me intimately. I can't think of what I will miss except for giving the slip n slide a bash with my kids ☺
  18. That's awesome sophiep117! What's your surgery plan?
  19. My god, they're beautiful! Hoping all goes well cuz those puppies look awesome!!!
  20. Hey all I'm guessing I'm doing it wrong but I can't seem to start a topic in the feb 2016 surgery group. Can anyone else give it a go and let me know if it works for you please? The 'start a topic' bar doesn't appear when I open it up.... I know, wrong place to post this but hey, you only live once 😉
  21. This makes me happy!!!! I'm not really sure what kind of lift I'll end up with. I've had 2 consults in person and 2 via photos and all have been quite different. The first said I had a tuberous breast and my sagging was terrible and that I'd need a full anchor lift, another said a lollipop lift, one said a cresent lift on one side only and the last said possibly a lollipop one side and cresent on the other. I'm still waiting on my recommendation from Dr Pornthep but I'm hoping he'll go for lollipop for both. After looking at so many before and afters I feel like that would bring the girls to a nice shape but I'm no plastic surgeon!! Very hard to be confident with a decision when they've all been so different though.
  22. Thankyou for sharing itty. It's awesome to hear how you progressed over the first few weeks ☺ love reading everyone's stories!
  23. You must be so excited! I'm gonna be a mess by the start of feb, I'm already losing sleep over it! I'm wanting 350 to 425cc, round, high profile or mod + but will depend on Dr Pornthep's limitations on the day. I'm not being unrealistic, my boobs are a mess but I'm hoping for them to even out a bit, be nice and perky and have a bit of size about them. My other half has never been a boob man (still think he's lying!!!) so doesn't want me to go too big but I'm getting as big as they'll put in me!!!
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