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  1. Hi Felicity, Just wanted to check in to see how you're doing? Fingers crossed that you're on the mend x
  2. There is no higher risk, here nor there. I've read on a few forums about a number of Australian surgeons who have botched their patients and are still practicing. Free to hack whoever will pay them. I'm very happy and excited to be having my ba+bl in Bangkok early next year and look forward to sharing my REAL story, when I get back. I'm spending 10.5k all up with a flyback, accommodation cover, and surgery guarantee if I need revision surgery. Sorry if I sound abrupt, just throwing my thoughts in ☺
  3. Unfortunately TCI were never an option for me, breastfed 3 kiddies...I need a lift too. Send your pics into them though, good place to start ☺
  4. Hi guys, I've paid my deposit and now starting my checklist. I'm having my ba+bl in Bangkok with Dr Pornthep, flying out Feb 16th. Can I have a few lists of must haves to help my stay and recovery be a little more pleasant please? What were your godsends or should haves? I've never been overseas so I'm nervous about that to begin with but I'd love some insight into what helped make you feel comfortable. So far I'm hearing I need: A boomerang pillow Alcohol wipes & baby wipes Metamucil Ice packs Hot water bottle A few post op bras (what do you recommend and how do I know what size to get?) Laptop and hard drive with movies I'm traveling solo but in a group with Cosmeditour. Anyone else heading over there around then? Thanks x
  5. Im going to bangpakpok9. Surgery date not locked in yet but im guessing maybe the 18th? Too scared to go on my own! How bout you?
  6. OMG I had to tell someone! I'm ridiculously excited...fly out Feb 16th. The countdown begins!!
  7. I forgot to mention dual plane...that'll be me too. Do you have any before and after pics I could possibly look at?
  8. Hi all ? We got approved for our refinance last week so now its time to get down to business!! Cosmeditour have a group going in Feb to Bangkok and I'm thinking that might be the one...Dr Pornthep has some great reviews but I'd like to hear more. My stats are Height: 165cms Weight: approx 65kgs, size 12ish Breast size: lefty b, righty a (breastfed 3 kiddies for 2+ years each) Any similar stats out there? I'm thinking around 390 to 400cc implants. (Will prob have 2 different sizes to even the girls up) Suggestions have been for textured mentor round. Liking mod+ profile. I want some nice womanly full breasts but not gazoongas! I've become obsessed with looking at before and after pics all over the net but I'm wanting more stories. I'm on realself and a few on Facebook, constantly searching for similar start points to help my decision making. Please share your stories and stats with me! Any links to them would be appreciated. Thanking you all xxx
  9. I just had another look at cosmeditour and the breast surgery guarantee ($490 for ba+bl) does cover capsular contracture https://www.cosmeditour.com/breast-surgery-travel-warranty/ I'm definitely going through them now!
  10. Hey peppy, I'm curious about this too. Cosmeditour have a travel guarantee to cover flights and accommodation if you need revision surgery and piac and bkp9 have a separate guarantee for the surgery itself but I don't no if I need additional travel insurance as well? Will look into it. ☺
  11. Thanks ladies Cosmeditour have a group going in February to Bangkok and July (I think) to Phuket. I'm seriously considering bringing my planned dates back from my original plan of August. As I'll be travelling solo and I've never even been overseas before ( or away from my 3 kiddies) I'm extremely nervous but excited at the same time. Dr Pornthep is a reconstructive plastic surgeon and his work for asymmetrical sagging breasts look great (the little I've seen) but Dr Boonchai is said to be the boob god so I'm really torn!
  12. Hi all ? Just wondering if some of you lovely ladies can share some pics and stories from your bl+ba please, particularly with Dr Pornthep at Bangpakok9 and Dr Boonchai at PIAC? If you have other suggestions for surgeons I'm all ears. Also, I want to travel in a group with an agency. Recommendations??? Thanks in advance x
  13. Hi all, just wondering where everyone finds pics to work out what size they want?? I feel like I've been staring at boobs forever but I'm finding it hard to get a pic of what I would like!!
  14. Hi all, looking at getting the above done next year, has anyone had the above?? If yes can you please advise of who where price and some details of the procedure?? I need all the help I can get!! Thanks ☺
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