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    BL BA and Brow lift.
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    Dr Ellis Choy 26 September 2016
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    Height 5.4 weight 74.9(still losing) G cup deflated

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  1. I am booked in for a belt lipectomy breast reduction BA and top eyes. Where can I get good quality compression garments from pls
  2. My surgery has been postponed till Nov 2nd as there is a convention on mod Oct and most PS are going. Still excited and Karajb88, I am in the secret group thank you!
  3. I have booked in with PPSI. Oct 22nd my first op. Belt lipectomy then 3 days later BR and BA top eye lids and maybe bottom. So excited. So many questions I wanted answered but reading this post, I have been able to find the answers. Thank you ladies. I will be in the hands of Dr Thanakom 😃
  4. Hi Karajd88, I  hope your doing well after your surgery. Can I asked who you flew with and where you stayed.  I am still awaiting the reply from Dr Thanakom but want to start looking 😃

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    2. karajd88


      Not a problem, that's great news. What are you getting done.? 

    3. Meeks


      I am getting a reduction with BA Top and bottom eyelids and a belt lipectomy. I am so excited. Now to start looking at flights and accommodation. Oh and changing money to Baht. I hope thats an easy process. It goes on currency exchange rate doesn't it?

    4. karajd88


      Yeah I paid for my surgery a week before I left straight into the Australian Westpac account. Very simple and easy. They send you all the info on different payment methods. 

  5. How can I join the secret group Karajd88? What surgeon did you use? So many questions lol
  6. How did you go? Did you get all of that in one go?
  7. Is Dr Boonchai going to be doing surgery in Bangkok?
  8. I have decided to go to Thailand for BL BA TT top eye lids and lipo. Not sure how to go about it. Has ony gone to Plastic surgery Phuket for anything? I think it is PIAC but i could be wrong. Pls help!
  9. Hi ladies, I am looking at going over in October but would love advise on who you all booked through? I am at a loss. 😢
  10. Hi ladies, I have decided to go overseas to have all my procedures done, and looking at Plastic Surgery Phuket, Dr Thanakom, or Meditours or Cosmeditours. Can any of you help me out on what way to go. Who is PIAC? I think it is Plastic Surgery Phuket? New to all of this os stuff. Wanting a reduction plus implants, top eye lids, TT, Lipo. Would that be too much for the first time? Any advice help would be appreciated 😃TIA
  11. Meeks

    Mummy makeover

    Hi wondering if anyone has had a mummy makeover in Bangkok and who did you use
  12. Hi just wondering who you went with
  13. Hi just wondering what you have to do and how you do it to get dental implants in Bangkok
  14. Hi, I rang my health insurance today and they said if I get a lift (medically needed) and then implants they will not cover any of the operation at all. Has anyone had a lift/reduction and Implants at the same time and got their health insurance to pay? I am happy to pay for the cosmetic side of it just not all of it. I don't really want to go OS to have it done.
  15. Nikw have you got private health insurance?
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