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  1. I'm glad you found someone you like. I went to Dr Kate (the one mentioned already). It was an absolute disaster. They were so big she had to stop and was actually laughing because they were freak show swollen. They stayed that way for 7 days (despite her saying they'd go down in half that time). They remained fish- like and awful for 8 months. I saw someone else wanting them dissolved. The new doctor said he'd never dissolved product that old before. He felt the lips and said it'd been objected too superficially and that's why it wasn't breaking down. Thankfully it dissolved easily. She is not a good injector in my experience and doesn't really seem to know what she's doing. Giggling at someone with enormous duck lips-that she caused- isn't very professional either. Anyone reading the earlier review of her should not be convinced by that. She did a terrible job on me.
  2. Hi, I think it's probably nerve damage. Sorry to sound blunt but your description is similar to what I have- which is nerve damage.
  3. All I know is went to uni with a girl who had piercings everywhere (and I mean everywhere). She said the most painful one was the nip. You're a braver person than me!
  4. Two big drawback for me, and I didn't go super huge (360cc). Small torso ladies (like me) don't wear large boobs well. It shortens the torso even more and gives the boxy matronly look. I think long torso women can pull them off no problem! I'm also experience a worrying complication with one breast atm and it's driving me nuts. I miss having healthy breasts. If I could do this again, I might consider a different ps (I really liked him but he cost the earth and this result is really frustrating and devastating) and insist on something a little smaller.
  5. Suki


    Whoops just saw this- thank you for your reply. I had it dissolved at a different business as I was very dissatisfied with the original injector's results. She was amateurish. For anyone in the same predicament, it's $150 to get hyalase from a different injector (I wouldn't go back to the doctor who flubbed my lips). I was told by the new doctor that it's highly unusual to get it dissolved 9 months later (when he inspected my lips he figured out the injector had placed it very superficially so my body wasn't absorbing it- who knew!). It worked well, dissolved the lot by the next day. The earliest an injector will reinject filler is 2 weeks. I was told there is no definitive literature on when the hyalase gets fully absorbed by the body so 2 weeks is the minimum safe wait time. Hope this info helps someone else in the future!
  6. Suki


    Hi, just wondering how much it cost to get done? Also wondering why you had to wait 4 weeks to get filler again? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, only just saw this. In terms of scar management, silicone sheets- not the gel, is best if you're worried about keloid scars. Not sure about stretch marks. I was under the impression that stretching the skin created them. If you're reducing volume, wouldn't that take tension off the skin? Despite what people say, stretch marks comes down to genetics. You can run pure vitamin e oil on the area (I've been told this is best), but not sure how effective any preventative remedies are! My ps told me I'd just have to live with mine.
  8. My ps described 360cc as "a large implant." Possibly what surgeons say is a large implant doesn't match with what patients personally think. I agree with the idea that a person's size and anatomy affects how big or small an implant looks on someone.
  9. Seems that way. I think the rebranding was to be more inclusive of people opting to use cosmetic surgeons and non-surgical procedures. Most people Google "plastic surgery" when researching this kind of stuff though. Wonder if it might be harder to find for people searching online?
  10. @Booklet are you sure we don't have the same mum- 🤔 that's exactly what mine would have done (she was even a nurse once upon a time). I would expect a lifetime of her being awful and emotionally malicious about it. My mum views tattooes and earrings as "body mutilation" so I knew how she'd react to implants. I told my three closest friends, mainly because I needed transport to & from the hospital. Telling people just gives them the opportunity to judge you unkindly. You're often lesser in their eyes & everyone gossips, it gets told to people who don't even know you. Prior to my implants, I was shown a picture of a friend's friend who got implants. It was shown for the purposes of ridicule. You never know what people are really thinking about you.
  11. Guys maybe less aware (dads even more so- lol!)- but believe me, girls always spot a fake 😜
  12. I'm not sure I would feel safe having a cosmetic surgeon perform delicate surgery on my face. Just mentioning it in case you are not aware of his credentials.
  13. No, but I tried to get a natural looking result. I believe women who get "notice me" size round boobs will get spotted. I think people want to share they're getting them done hoping for praise or validation. Tbh, most people judge women with implants (sometimes to their face, mostly behind their back). There's been moments when I've wanted to admit I have implants, but always bite my tongue. It's private info no one needs to know really, and letting them know just gives them "smirk" points- if that makes sense! If you're getting very large breasts with round upper pole though, people will notice.
  14. Nope, you don't need to explain or inform them of anything. No one in my family knows I have implants. I didn't tell them for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I don't ever plan on telling them either. It would invite a lifetime supply of having the decision derided, challenged and thrown back in my face. Who needs the stress!
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