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  1. Hi there, I have 525 xhp, but started with no tissue whatsoever. Still have no tissue, so at times the implants are quite obvious. I have rippling. In saying this, I still absolutely love mine. Long story short, breastfed 4 kids over 8 years, had nothing left, had 365 hp, while they looked ok with clothes on, they didn't "fit" me. Went back for 525 xhp. Sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like to just stick to HP, as the XHP's sit differently. They are like teen boobs. Firm teen boobs. And while I love them, at times they make me think twice, it's obvious I've had them done. And mostly, I don't care. I love them, that's all that counts. And at the beginning of my journey, there was absolutely no way I thought I could have had 525's!
  2. Thanks, it's when I hunch my shoulders or bend forward without good support that the rippling is obvious. And it's been 12 months since revision. Even with the rippling, I'm still really happy with the outcome.
  3. The good, the bad, and the ripples. Firstly, 12 months goes so fast when you are happy with your outcome. I originally had 365 HP Rounds, went back in at 11 months post op for 525 XHP Rounds with Dr Kenny at TCI, who lowered the crease and closed the gap. I haven't heard much from TCI since the surgery, but that's not a complaint, more an observation compared to first time around - I don't think I'm on any reminder databases of theirs. I have visible rippling when naked and bend slightly, doesn't show when wearing bras, may show when wearing bikinis. I am still very happy with my size and placement, people are mostly unaware that I've had a boob job. When they do find out, it's 'why did you do it if you don't show them off?' and 'they look amazing!'. My reasoning is that I had the augmentation for me and me only. From having awesome pre-kids boobs, to absolutely nothing but skin on a flat chest, then 365s that didn't fill me in (as nicely - still looked ok in clothes) going back for the 525s. It's hard to believe that these are 525! But it's because I started with nothing. Sometimes I wish I had smaller than 525, but definitely bigger than 365. But I was told by a PS first that my max was 300 Round or 330 Teardrop, when Dr Kenny said 365, I jumped at the chance thinking it was much better, but in reality, they were much the same. However, I don't believe either knew how stretchy my skin was after breastfeeding, being incredibly deflated and also having a large gap between, I trust both surgeons initial measurements. Turns out I fit the 525s and if I was up to it, I think [know!] I could fit more! I haven't been on here much, so I apologise to those who have pm'd me and I haven't responded - I find that once you are happy with what you have, you spend less time trawling boob forums; I mean that in the nicest way possible Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi there, I am 8 months post revision, I jumped about the same as you, from 365 hp to 525 xhp, and am now thinking I went too big! They seem to be getting bigger, although I haven't taken any recent pics, but my bras aren't fitting properly. The 525's suit me much better than the365's though! Edit: my stats 12.5 bwd 53kg 160cm started with a completely deflated 10d/12c (skin and bone on my chest after breasfeeding)
  5. Hi there. We sound about the same with breastfeeding, I was extremely deflated. I have had 2 ba's. First was 365 HP rounds, and because I was so deflated, they didn't quite fill me in. I was sized as a 10DD but looked about a C, possibly a full B. My second ba, 525 XHP rounds, which fit me much better. I was 52kg before surgery, 54kg now. I'm 160cm and have a 12.5 BWD. I have been sized as a 10E or 12D/DD, but they aren't in your face obvious. Although I'm sure I could make them stand out if I wanted But implants measure differently to natural breasts. While the sizing might sound big - they look smaller than what the actual size is.
  6. Hi, I'll flick a friend request through, I was extremely deflated from breastfeeding, I had my first ba in Oct 15, got 365cc high profile rounds, didn't fill me up/implants weren't big enough (my pre-kid boobs were bigger). Second ba Sept 16, 525cc extra high profile rounds, I feel they fit me much better. I am 160cm, 54kg, bwd 12.5, my implant size is 13cm. Congrats on your decision!
  7. Hi there. Our stats are nearly identical, off topic but for years I thought I was 162, turns out I'm 160. haha Sorry. My stats are 160cm 52kg before surgery, 54 now. What is your bwd? Mine is 12.5. I have had 2 ba's, I started with extremely deflated breastfeeding boobs. Before kids I was a full 12B/C. After breastfeeding I was just skin on bone. First ba, 365 high profile rounds, looked good with clothes, I wasn't happy naked, you could see that I was underfilled, that my boobs were bigger before, and due to my anatomy, my implants were wide on my chest, the gap was big. Second ba, 525 extra high profile rounds, lowered breast crease, reduced breast gap. This size fits me so much better than the first set. On being petite, I don't think I am petite as I think I have broad shoulders for my size. But I feel in proportion. I can make these boobs look huge, or I can hide them. I am still wearing most of my shirts that I owned before my first ba (when I was wearing padded bras). Straight off the bat, the surgeon said he was probably better to go with a 480 to give me my desired outcome. But I'm happy with my 525's. I'm also happy I didn't go with the first PS who said 300cc would have been the max he'd allow!! I am now wearing around a 10E. I fit an 8G comfortably the other day. Trying on 12's, but finding in most brands the band is too loose. haha sorry - after that essay above - I think that 400 would be great. I'll flick you a friend request, check out my comparison pics. But also remember that implants will look different on everyone, even if our stats are nearly identical.
  8. 4 days and 3 months post op Second ba, 525 xhp rounds 160cm 54kg 12.5 bwd
  9. I've been wearing the sister sizes, but I'm finding it harder now, I'm not sure why. Maybe implants *need* the perfect cup size. I used to wear a 12 comfortably, now I'm finding 10's too big. I tried a 10e bnt removable underwire bra, the cup was too small, but the 12D band was massive. Unfortunately those bras don't have F cups. The 8G was the first time everything fit perfectly. But I like hearing the sizes compared to implant cc's - the differences are interesting! @Abevemi 12B?! Ha! @Beautiful_Mind how many cc's did you get? @Ranalicious 8F from 350?! Phwoar!
  10. 590! C! Wow! I was a full C before kids, I think look similar now, but it took 2 ba's and 525cc to get there. Lots of women post pre-ba about their desired cup size, is it really possible to determine?
  11. What size bra are you compared to how you "look"? What size implant do you have? I tried on an 8G for the first time and it fit perfectly. I've been wearing 10E and 12D. I'd say I "look" like a D cup, possibly a C with my loose tops. Definitely not a G cup! I have 525 xhp.
  12. Me! Mine are 525 xhp. My bwd is 12.5, the implant width is 13. But we are gallery friends already I'm not sure if I have a torpedo look, I have been boob-watching lately and I seem bigger than most I've seen, but mine fit me if that makes sense? I am happy with the 6.3 projection, my previous implant was 5. I love my cleavage, I have kissing boobs now, I didn't realise how much my original gap affected my view of my boobs!
  13. @AlanaJ cotton on body $20. Fits nicely, but I'm not supposed to wear underwire yet
  14. And I was the one that had spent 8-10 years in maternity bras and couldn't wait to get out of them! But I will have a look with new eyes, comfort rather than necessity. I liked the bnt bra, but they didn't have my size at a couple of stores, the 10e didn't sit well. Thank you ladies!
  15. What is your absolute most favourite comfortable bra? The one that you wish you had 7 of, one for each day of the week? Mine is my post op carefix bella, but it doesn't give nipple coverage. With the bigger implant I need support, but also need wirefree (surgeon instruction) and I'm struggling to find decent wirefree support that doesn't look granny-ish.
  16. Awesome!! Although I went to Jamie at Mt Ommaney, 24 units for my frown, across the top of my eyebrows 4 weeks ago. Hasn't taken it away completely as it was already static, but the results are impressive! I'll definitely be going back for more
  17. Me! From 365 hp rounds to 525 xhp rounds. I had my cleavage gap reduced and crease lowered. I am very happy I just re-read, are you after a noticeable size difference? I have gone up one cup size, but that wasn't my aim, I just wanted to look better. I don't think the outside world knows I have had it done again. They will notice when I wear a bikini I was slightly underfilled, I had started with deflated C cup, possibly D cups (always wore a 12, but I am a 10) but no tissue just loose skin. While the 365's looked good I was never entirely happy with them once they settled. 11 months post op I went in to get the 525's. I am now 10 weeks post op and am very happy with my progress
  18. I've had it done. Although I went in blind. As I was being drawn on for my second BA, the surgeon said he could bring the gap closer together, and I jumped at the chance. I am worried about what will happen in future, as I haven't come across it happening much through the forums. I'm not a gym person but I'm worried about picking up my kids wrong. I don't know what the consequences are. I do know they look so much better than they did! I was worried about symmastia, but not so much anymore. I'm not even sure how long it is before you reach a safe period. I've asked the surgeon, post op nurses, but they are not concerned and are happy with my progress. (Nearly 10 weeks post op) I know, I know, going in blindly is silly. Especially when I read that ladies research for years and years before going under. But I am happy Eta: we are gallery friends, check out my 0 to 365 to 525 comparison. You'll see the wide gap with the 365's
  19. Hi there, can't give you a cup size sorry, just letting you know that 525 extra high profiles have taken me to a 10E/F or 12DD. I am 160cm 52kg with a bwd of 12.5, my implant width is 13cm. I started with no tissue whatsoever, lost it all while breastfeeding. Was a full 12C before kids, probably a 10D, then bigger while breastfeeding. Had 365 high profiles in October 15, didn't fill me up as much as I'd liked, had the 525's in September. I'm still healing, but am much happier, they fit me so much better
  20. Remember I'm 160 and started with nothing, 525 xhp is perfect on me. I actually had my first 'these are small' moment a few days ago at 8 weeks post op. Even hubby noticed they "looked" smaller!
  21. Yay!! Nope, not too big at all
  22. You know that's something I did- if I leaned forward or in a certain direction, you could feel the skin move more over the implant, (like there was excess skin sliding over the implant) but standing the implants were exactly where they were meant to be. It was a feeling that wouldn't go away. Holy cow- you look great!! Just had a peek at your pics. I think give it time. Try not to think about surgery just yet. Even though it's revision, you still have changes ahead
  23. oh wow!! And you're already thinking bigger! Maybe you've got some fluffing to come? Are they sitting high? I had my crease lowered and wore a strap 24/7 for the first week, then at night only until week 3. It felt like mine were in place pretty much straight away. If you are tight, I'm guessing there is still a lot of change to come And you've been through it all before, I'm sure you've heard that you need to be patient Can't believe we are nearly the same implants, even the swaps
  24. Hi L, how many weeks post op are you? My nipples pointed downward slightly, but I was the opposite, my skin was stretched from huge breastfeeding boobs. Eleven months post op I went back to get bigger, from 365 hp to 525 xhp- they sit and look so much better. Do yours need to drop at all?
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