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  1. Since having my BA in December (Dr Boonchai, Phuket) I've had a few worries here and there in regards to things like small pains and bumps and just generally being slightly paranoid about things like ruptures and rotation. All in all I've been pretty happy with my results and have no real reason to believe anything is wrong, however, having had the surgery in Thailand, I'd have really liked to have had the option to have follow ups down the line to ease any of my worries and make sure everything's in check. So my question is, has anyone had follow ups/check ups with someone different in Australia after having surgery overseas and where did you go? Is a regular doctor sufficient or do you go to plastic surgeons or specialists? Do you have a regular follow up routine? Also any recommendations for places for check ups in Sydney?
  2. I've had my right nipple pierced for over 3 years now, I removed it prior to surgery and emailed my surgeon yesterday (8 days post op) if I could put it back in and he replied saying that it was fine. However putting it back in was a little bit of a struggle as there seemed to be a small amount of puss in the way and continued to be a bit painful once it was in, so I took it out after a few minutes. My question is, would it be safe to leave it in? Most of my piercings tend to be difficult to put back regardless of how long I've had them and I'm familiar with the initial discomfort of putting one back in after a few days without it, however I don't want to risk possible infection. I boiled the bar prior to putting it back and am fairly certain this is just the same reaction all of my other piercings have when left without anything in them. I'm quite attached to my piercing, just want to be safe though. Opinions?
  3. It's quite hard to take a photo that shows it properly as it's easier to see and feel in person, but you can sort of make it out here, along the edge of the breast furthest away. I may just wait until my follow up so I can know for sure, unless anyone has had or knows of a similar thing happening and that it can correct itself. Basically just looking for reassurance as I don't think I can take any bad news right now
  4. Hi ladies, So I had my surgery with Dr Boonchai on Saturday (12/12/15) and started noticing yesterday that I had a bump along the inside, towards the bottom of my right breast. I've since been able to feel all around the inner edge of the implant bumps and what feels like rippling. I had 225cc L & 270cc R tear drop implants placed in dual plane. I can see the bumps in certain lighting and it's quite obvious (at least to me) that it isn't smooth like the inner of my left breast. Could this be because it is a larger implant and there was less breast tissue than my left to start with? Is this likely to become less noticeable as they settle and drop? My follow up is in 2 days so I'll address my concerns, however in the mean time I'm finding it difficult to find information regarding this. I called the hospital today and was informed that breasts will change a lot in shape and texture in these early stages, but still not 100% convinced this is normal. Anyone had similar experiences with their recovery? I wasn't expecting to have any complications, and still hoping this isn't one, as Dr Boonchai hasn't had a single bad review and really knows his stuff. Really needing some reassurance as I'm all alone and spending all this time in my own head isn't helping my anxiety.
  5. Thanks I'm going to PIAC and Dr Boonchai is my surgeon. So lots of restaurants accept cards in AUD?
  6. So I'm off to Phuket next Friday and trying to work out the best (cheapest) method for converting money for meals/shopping etc. Ideally I'd want to just bring my debit card and take money out as needed, but will there be a large conversion and/or ATM fee each time I do this? Or should I convert my money at a money exchange stall? I've read that these places are a rip off and I'd rather not carry much cash on me, but I've also heard ATMs (not necessarily in Thailand but in other places) can charge a ridiculous fee without any warning. Any ladies been to Thailand recently and know what the best method for converting AUD to THB for extra cash might be?
  7. Oh wow what a coincidence! My surgery's on 12th too! I was initially going to go with my partner but he'd already committed to working during that period so decided to go all on my lonesome (which is a tad nerve wrecking). But yeah maybe we can get in contact later on and see what each other are up to. I'll be staying in the Patong Beach area
  8. Hey girl! Not much help here but just thought I'd mention that I'm going to Phuket in mid December to have my BA done with Dr Boonchai too! What dates are you going? I'm there from 11th-19th and also going on my own
  9. So it looks like I'll be flying to Phuket in December all on my lonesome to have surgery with Dr Boonchai. Was originally planning to go with my partner but he'll have to be working for the majority of Dec - Feb and that's the only time frame I'll have off to have this done D: Has anyone else gone overseas for a boob job on their own? I asked the lady at PIAC if it was advisable and she said many woman go by themselves and are fine. I'm also a little nervous because I'll be booking my own flights/hotel (not going through an agency) so am a little worried about transportation and the smaller details that I'll have to organise for myself. Any tips for travelling on your own? Dos, don'ts, how to look after myself for 9 days during recovery without any assistants, etc? Any advice is appreciated! Edit: Ps. any ideas how I can convince my partner I'll be totally fine on my own? He doesn't like the idea of me having surgery in another country by myself and said he'll be stressing out the whole time :/
  10. Yes they now do surgery in Sydney too However after looking at their Sydney surgeons and comparing to their Thailand surgeons, I think I'd trust the Thailand surgeons more as they seem more experienced and have more reviews. Seeing a lot of positive reviews on Dr Boonchai too.. Thailand is starting to look pretty good.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm new to this site however have been lurking for a while and figured I'd create an account and post this topic so I can make a more informed decision. I was booked in for surgery with Dr Chiu at TCI, but after a few weeks of bad press and the number of girls I know now needing revisions I've decided to bail. Now the hunt for a new surgeon begins (again)! I'm currently looking at Essential Cosmetic (I'd contacted them over a year ago looking to have surgery in Thailand, but life got in the way) as they have plastic surgeons (as opposed to cosmetic surgeons), offer a much wider variety of implants including teardrop and I saw some awesome results from Dr Poonsak who is one of their surgeons. I've also been looking at CosMediTour and Breast Academy and am getting pretty confused as I somehow feel like they're all connected(?). Anyway, my requirements are that it's in the price range of around $6000-$7000 (give or take a few hundred), they are/offer surgery by plastic surgeons and they offer teardrop implants. The result I'm after is as natural as possible and not too big, so if anyone knows of specific surgeons that are good at that that'd help too. If I can have the procedure done in Sydney that'd be ideal, however I'm will to travel for the right place as I know there are many highly skilled surgeons who perform in Thailand too. So if anyone can give me recommendations, places to avoid, opinions on the above groups/clinics etc. that'd be really helpful! Thanks
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