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    BA - dual plane, nagor, round impleo textured, 270cc left and 300cc right.
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    Dr Richardson, 19 December 2015
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    158cm, 52kg, 10A
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    Triathlon & general health & fitness, my poochies plus wine :)

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  1. For me morning boob was like waking up from surgery all over again. I was in a bit of pain and it felt like a crane had parked itself on my chest. But like Joadster said, the pain eased a little bit every day until it eventually went away. It also subsided pretty quickly once I was out of bed. A couple of times I woke in pain and forgot about morning boob and thought something was wrong or I'd overdone it the day before which was a bit scary - until I made the connection later on!
  2. I'm going to go against the tide here and say get them now! I got mine done in December and we are going to start trying this year. I read advice on this forum on a similar thread and came to the conclusion that even though my breasts may change after having kids, that is a risk I'm willing to take. Who knows if you will get pregnant this year - it may take a while. Then you have to be finished having kids. That could be 3 or 4 years or even more depending on how many kids you decide to have. Then you have to get to a point where you can physically afford to not have your child depend on you while you recover - the youngest would have to be 12 months old. And you also have to be able to afford to have them done. This means you could be waiting at least 5 years for your new boobs. If you want them now, get them now
  3. I have one 270cc and one 300cc high profile to correct asymmetry, under the muscle. FR if you wish to see my pics.
  4. I had surgery with Dr R 4 weeks ago. I didn't like his bedside manner in my consult, but my husband thought he was all business and knew his stuff. I didn't really get a chance to ask any questions as he ran through everything quite thoroughly. On the day of surgery I thought he was a different person and he made me feel really relaxed. I'm stoked with my results and would highly recommend him
  5. Yep - I asked him that specific question in my consultation (as a triathlete - swimming is a big part of my life!). He said I could get in the water after 3 weeks, but I should wait 6 weeks before I start swimming laps - same as running. I feel 100% already so I will be resuming my usual activities at 6 weeks!!
  6. Definitely depends on your recovery. I'm a surfer - 4 weeks PO now and I think I could paddle out no problems. I don't have any problems with my flexibility following the surgery and even though I can't sleep on my stomach yet I could definitely lie on a board. I was told no swimming laps in a pool for 6 weeks so I I'll wait another 2 weeks before I paddle out.
  7. Hi there I'm 158cm & 52kg and was a 10A pre-op. I have a very small bwd of 10 and 10.5 (asymmetrical boobies). I had my surgery 4 weeks ago and ended up with round 270cc and 300cc under the muscle. This was the absolute biggest I could go with my bwd. I really wanted to go over the muscle due to my active lifestyle but my surgeon highly recommended against it as I'm quite lean (body fat wise) and he said it would give me more of a bolted on look. Feel free to FR me if you want to see my pics. Keep in mind my boobs are only 4 weeks young and so they haven't dropped & fluffed much yet.
  8. http://coach.ninemsn.com.au/2016/01/08/11/20/to-boob-job-or-not-to-boob-job Ok ok I know it's not "news" and it is just an opinion piece, but today I read this article on ninemsn and it has made me very angry. I can't vent anywhere else as I haven't shared my boob news widely yet, and I can't comment on the article because that function isn't enabled, so I'm sorry but I'm venting here! There is just so much wrong with this article. To say that a woman can't have a BA for herself, but is doing it for someone else, is just bullshit. And to encourage the husband to talk her out of it is unfair. What it should say is that a BA is a personal decision, and while perhaps the husband should reassure the wife that he loves her boobs the way she is, if she chooses a BA, he should support and respect her decision. And to insinuate a BA will be the beginning of a life of PS?! Grrrr. I am angry because if there are women out there that are considering a BA and read this stupid article, they may be discouraged not to go ahead with it, even though deep down it's something they really want to do. Sorry. I'm angry because I had my BA for myself. Not for anyone else. Not to impress anyone else. Not because my husband didn't love my pre-BA boobs. Just for me.
  9. I'm 5'2, 52 kg and have a bwd of 10 and 10.5. I ended up with nagor, high profile, round implants, 270cc and 300cc to correct the asymetry. This was the absolute biggest I could go. My new boobs haven't softened enough yet to be able to push them in to give me cleavage. I haven't been measured but I've tried on some bras and I think I'm now a 10D, up from a 10A/AA. Feel free to FR if you want to see my pics. I'm only 2.5 weeks PO and will be uploading a new pic on Saturday when I'm 3 weeks PO. I will say that when I first got them done my cleavage gap was massive and my boobs felt like they were under my arms, but as they soften they are coming together.
  10. I had my surgery on the same day as you and I am still a little bit swollen on my side boob kind of under my arms, and my ribs really hurt (like a bruise) when I stretch my arms above my head or stretch my torso. That's the only pain I have and it is getting better.
  11. Unfortunately recovery isn't something you can predict. If it makes you feel better, I had my surgery on a Saturday and then had to go back to work on the Monday! I have an office job. I worked from home for that week (which was the week before Christmas) and then had the following week off. I was fine sitting at my computer working from about 7.30 to 5.30 and really just felt tired at the end of each day. Not having to travel was a bonus and if I had to return to the office I know it would have been a lot harder.
  12. I'm just over 2 weeks. I stopped feeling sore at about the 1 week mark. However, I'm not sleeping well still, only 5 hours maximum each night because I wake up with a sore back. I've tried sleeping an hour or so on my side but then I wake with a sore boob. So just like you I'm feeling really tired; not sure if that's surgery related, lack of sleep or a combination of both. My nipples are insanely sensitive; they hurt in my post op bra from touching the fabric. But if I don't wear a bra, then they hurt even more from whatever is touching them lol. My skin is also itchy, and not just on my boobs. I can't wait for that and my sore nipples to pass. I should also note that because I was feeling good at 1.5 weeks I vacuumed and mopped the house (small house, only 70 sq m). Big mistake. I wasn't sore before but I sure as hell was sore after, plus swollen and tired. I ended up spending the entire next day on the couch. That was a valuable lesson for me because although I was feeling good, I clearly overdid it in an activity that usually wouldn't have used any energy for me! Have you thought about trying a different compression bra? It is possible that it is too tight and is causing discomfort and perhaps a different bra that is only slightly bigger may feel more comfortable? I bought a lululemon sports bra and wore it to walk in and it turned out to be a bit too tight - my boobs and everything ached after wearing it. Try not to stress about your recovery as that will only prolong it. Be kind to yourself, rest when you can and don't try and overdo it, remembering that even the simplest tasks are harder now.
  13. I had my surgery on sat 19th and had a few drinks the following Friday on Christmas Day. I was at home so it was ok; my biggest concern would be going out and accidentally copping an elbow or dancing too enthusiastically because you're feeling good and then paying for it the next day ps I woke the next day and thought I'd overdone it because I totally forgot about morning boob - so once out of bed I actually felt fine. Have fun!
  14. I have a 270 and a 300. Mine are new though so kinda hard to see what size they'll be in the end. Feel free to send me a FR if you want to see some pics of my progress ?
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