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  1. Thank you!! I didn't get the botox because I wanted to see if maybe a really good injector could achieve the look and she did! Might get it next time though just for extra oomph and so that it's cheaper to flip rather than inject fuller all the time! Speaking of amazing though- umm your boobies!!? Wow
  2. Why thank you. Yes some girls I've seen on here go way over board with the amount of times they get their lips done and their lips just look bad. I had 1ml and then 3months later once it started dissipating I got one more ml and this is as far as they'll go!! I love shape more than full lips so that's all we focused on What do you mean permanent like lip implants? Everywhere I've read people have said no to implants so tell me moreeeeee!
  3. yay nice lips finally! soo happy!! Won't be going any bigger these are perfect!
  4. I had overs! I was back Post op day 5 on STRICT reception duties. And I diedddd it was so horrible I was so exhausted after a couple of hours. When I was 2 weeks post op PS said absolutely no lifting any more than 5kgs (so I could pick my cat up) and he said nothing else but to slooowly build up strength in small increments. And that's just me with my over the muscle implants which are so much easier with recovery so you're going to be much worse off Your PS will not perform your surgery if you say you'll be carrying 20kg in 2 weeks. Give it 6 weeks at least. Your job isn't as
  5. Ultra yes but not sure about ultra plus:)
  6. @elle11I'd suggest you guys go to LCA as they're 389$ for 1ml of juvederm. There's a few stores in melbourne free consult so why not?
  7. You should go to sydney and see Dr eddy dona. Check out his social media. XL implants aren't easy peasy and I would NOT trust a cosmetic surgeon with this specialty especially one who has had negative reviews (which now are deleted of course). Good luck hun!
  8. Hun!! You are not childish! My ex partner did this as well and I'd cry myself to sleep all the time thinking of how ugly I was compared to those other girls. He and a lot of people told me this was the norm for men but I just couldn't accept this. We broke up and I met my current boyfriend. I subtly addressed the whole looking at other people and checking them out topic and he told me "if a girl wants to look at another guy while she's with me I just break up with her. If I'm with a girl in a relationship I do not glance even for a second at another girl because it's disrespectful to her and o
  9. Rippling is common after implants and can only be fixed if you get really fat in your breasts... you should have researched BA complications before going into surgery hun if you didn't know what rippling was there may be a lot of others you're not aware of.
  10. They will drop and fluff between 6-12months
  11. Because it increases your blood pressure
  12. Wow I was in so much pain and discomfort, couldn't take bra off cos it felt like they were just going to fall out, was on medicines so I didn't look or feel as healthy and normal as I usually did, breasts were swollen so they looked like ugly balloons, had a bloated tummy so I looked fat which in turn made me fugly, was in pain if I laid down on a flat surface- how on earth did everyone else get so horny and crave sex enough to disobey surgeon instructions!? Haha
  13. You forgot me jadeee! :'( Very very happy with surgery, professionalism, results, team (Di and Adele are very very lovely, as was anesthesiologist Dr mark) and overall experience. Best PS ever
  14. Yes! There is no bra in the world that fits better than a Playboy and it's always the same size whatever the style. The same goes with my pre-op boobies. Only playboy got my abnormally small fitted size right down to a tee and other bras never ever got it right! They definitley understand fake and natural boobies! And there's ALWAYS a playboy bra on sale
  15. Cornflake girl how did you go with hiding it! I got mine and couldn't hide it at all. My post op instructions said no makeup for 24hrs so I don't know how else to hide it!? My partner would be able to paint a picture of me right down to every little mark, slope and angle without looking at me he looks at me so deeply- he even noticed straight away as I was walking towards him after the clinic!! I just want to hide it within the first 72hrs as that's when it looks so unnatural and he gets nervous
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