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  1. I am going to get my botox topped up tomorrow and have been thinking about having some filler for my lips., Im just wondering if anyone has any advise and wether it would be very noticable that I have had it done afterwards
  2. I have never tried, I will have to give it a go, tho I think I would scare the bejesus out of my BF lol
  3. I had serious Franken boob, it lasted quite a while form me, not sure of the exact length, but they were perfectly even by 8 months (when my surgeon said they would be) I was an extreme case, I am now at 12 months and they are perfect (to me I did have pictures up on my profile, but they seem to be gone now, does anyone know how to get them back or do I need to reload them, I would like to show people not to stress initially as (I did) they will soften and fill out pretty quickly
  4. Just watched the video the whole way thru, that is some scary/funny stuff!
  5. Oh what a good mumma, my nails are due for doing, I think I know what I will be asking for, my mum cringes when she see what I get done to my nails, she never wears make up or polish, not sure where I came from hehe
  6. thats where I got most of my post Op Bras too, try brand exclusive and mynetsale they have great sales too, apologies to your credit cards in advance
  7. Im back running now and it feels fine, thanks to lululemons Tata tamer, I hope to gawd they don't get too much bigger or they wont fit anymore and they don't go above a DD haha bloody friends, my best friend had teardrops and used to tell everyone not to even think about rounds, but now uses me as an example of them turning out natural
  8. I sit in my onsie on the couch on a sunday an look at U-tube tutorials to find fast ways to do my hair and make up also which really helps when you have a 3 year old running around , but now that Kate has said she has leopard print nails I am very jealous and will have to look into them
  9. oh you were so brave with running so early, i stuck to intervals with anything that didn't cause too much "bounce" though I never thought to wear two bras, thats probably why I have gained a few Kgs you might only be getting the movement because you are only 5 months PO I did get weird twinges in the early days but now they have D&F I don't get is so much, no one ever mentioned noticing any strange movements I have made it a game to see if anyone notices these days as I only told 3 people I had surgery, the longer i go from surgery the less it seems to matter to me, did you tell many people about surgery?
  10. thats a good point Kirsten, you just can't beat confidence, I am a big fan of faking it il you make it, with confidence that is, I do struggle sometimes, especially when my hair refuses to co-operate with me..like today :-/ , but after living the last few months in bangkok my new positive affirmation is bigger hair = bigger happiness work with what you have and always wear clothes and makeup that suits you, not what is necessarily in fashion
  11. out of interest did you ever ask Dr Piyapas (we had the same surgeon) I never thought to ask him at the time
  12. I wouldn't freak out about it, it obviously doesn't feel weird for you, but I change exercises to suit me now, when I am doing burpees I do narrow push ups so they hit Tris more, I still do renegade rows keeping elbows super close to my body and when I do push ups I do them on my knees until I hit that weird point or on a bar at about hip height
  13. I had chest & shoulders today, thankfully before reading this tread lol legs tomorrow, thats something that makes me feel better about not training chest so much, more time to train legs and butt, I want major definition there
  14. yes must mention this is for cigarette smokers, no highs involved the liquid pipes look a little funny, which put me off for a bit, it looks a little like a shisha (sorry not sure if that is the correct spelling) attachment, but the flavours are great, Im a big fan of the cherry and chocolate, bf bought me some cherry ripe flavour which I am looking forward to trying
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