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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Benjamin Norris - 15th Feb 2016
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    169cm / 57kg / 10B

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  1. Smacc

    Breast sensation

    The numbness in mine is driving me crazy haha. My right is also different to my left. I'm sure it will subside soon
  2. Smacc

    Boob selfie!

    oh yay! Good to know :)
  3. Smacc

    February 2016 Boobies

    In Sydney with Dr Ben Norris at Form and Face :)
  4. Smacc

    Boob selfie!

    I am not really sure. Probably as big as I can. If I can get to a D cup I will be stoked what size did you end up with?
  5. Hey alaskansky, I am booked with him for Feb! I am flying over from WA though, so would love to know how everything goes for you too
  6. Hi ladies, I have seen a lot of you have travelled for your surgery and was just wondering what your consults were like. Did you Skype your surgeon or something before the face to face consult? Should I be requesting this? Thanks in advance! X
  7. Smacc

    Sharing my Pre/Post Surgery Checklist

    This is amazing! Saving to my notes. Thanks so much :)
  8. Smacc

    Breast Aug - Dr Benjamin Norris

    Oh really! How exciting, congrats Please let me know how you go! I am an interstate patient, so won't get face to face consult until February and then surgery a few days after... So as you can imagine I'm nervous haha. How was he in consult for you? Xxx
  9. Hi ladies! Has anyone had BA done by Dr Ben Norris at Form and Face? Any comments - good, bad, otherwise? Thanks so much! (Nervous!)