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  1. I haven't told anyone about my BA and never will. The only person who knows is my partner.
  2. I saw a few lace bras in Myers that were just fabric, no underwire. Maybe something like that would work? Even if it's not super supportive if it's only for a night it shouldn't matter much!
  3. Sorry pretty much directly quoting my pocket Doctor lol. But icing does help.
  4. Cryotherapy (Icing) is effective postoperatively for healing and pain. Cryotherapy is a vasoconstrictor (narrows blood vessels) which in turn reduces the amount of fluid leaked across into tissues and therefore reduces oedema (swelling). The oedema and inflammation (reduced by vasoconstriction) is whats causing the majority of the postoperative pain and discomfort.
  5. Yeah to be honest, I felt I had done my research and didn't want to spend 200 dollars on another consult either, but compared to how much the procedure is in total, it's peanuts and I wish I'd spent it now! Just thinking WHAT IF I just blew thousands of dollars and end up having to pay twice going somewhere else if I'm not happy (I'm 4 days post op - so I have no idea what my result will be yet! Just normal post op worrying!). Honestly even if nothing had changed, which part of me thinks wouldn't, but I just wish I'd gotten a second opinion so I could feel relaxed now and not so worried I rush
  6. I went for one consult with one surgeon and then booked in. I really wish I'd gotten a second opinion at least, even if to just make me feel confident with my choice! Right now I'm wondering if I should have gone with someone different. Not saying I'm unhappy but there were just a few question marks left before surgery which I'm now stressing about unnecessarily. Definitely go for at least one more consult.
  7. hahaha that's true actually! I'll keep that in mind, no one will look at my tummy hahaha! ?
  8. Thanks boobalicious!! My partner actually just bought me home some marshmallows (they are my faves) and I have some chocolate but I'm actually really worried I'm putting on weight (I already gained like 2 kg BEFORE the surgery from being too stressed out and eating poorly!) so I don't know if I want to eat it, especially as I'm hardly moving! My stomach is super bloated too. I will watch some comedies though! Did you girls gain a lot of weight after the surgery? I still had like 3 kg to loose before the surgery, which is probably more like 6 now. Now that I've paid for my new bikini boobs I do
  9. melbba, they are looking fantastic! Thanks for the encouraging words, I've had a pretty bad post op day 3. Hoping I'll get through this week and then feel better by the next one.
  10. Hi girls! So nice to read of others who've had theirs done and feeling happy with their results. I also have serious frankenboobs, so you're not alone mrsrosehiptea, it's really bad and I hope they drop soon. My PS says about 60% chance I will need a lift within 12 months, but I'm not convinced, I think a higher disection of the muscle (dual plane 2) would fix the issue IF they don't drop. But, early days! Feeling too discouraged to put post of pics up yet, but I'm happy with the size just not the shape. The whole thing was a bit of a nightmare but it's over now and just waiting for the famous
  11. They look fantastic, I don't think you'll notice much difference going the other sizes you mentioned. Are they overs or unders? I did the opposite, I'd opted for 350s but went 375 and I know there's not a big difference but I feel they are huuuge on me! I hope the will go down a bit (but only day 2 post op so hoping they will)! Hahaha we can never just think they are perfect can we!! ?
  12. I went with back pain ... I'm going to need like 4-5 weeks off work at least (just taking 2 days off my normal job), it's just the only thing I can think of that can cause prolonged problems with carrying heavy things, plus it explains the type of pain killers I am on! Better stick to the same story all around as its a small community. I'm saying I hurt myself gardening ... Easy to dig/lift something too heavy and muck your back up. Happened to my dad a few years back and he still has problems!
  13. So I just got my BA done yesterday and I'm going to need at least 4-6 weeks off from my night job as a waitress (thankfully my day job is a desk job!). I'm getting a non-disclosing medical certificate but what do I tell work because they WILL ask! I've been thinking of saying I've injured my back, but ... How did that happen? Has anyone got any other ideas? For those of you who were not open with having a BA, what did you tell work/friends?
  14. Hey JJ, yay op day sisters! So sorry to hear that you hurt yourself and I really hope you get better soon! I'm actually still in hospital, my PS does overnight stay for all his BAs, which reading your story Im now happy about (despite the price tag and rude and unaccommodating nursing and food service staff...). I've got one of those travel neck pillows, it helps heaps. I haven't hurt my back obviously but it's keeping my head still so if you have one/can get your partner to get one it may be worth it? Hope you feel better tomorrow!! ill post some pics on my page tomorrow I think, once I get h
  15. So today was the day, I got 375 cc siltex unders. Currently very much snoop dog, I'm pretty discouraged but Ill just have to wait for them to drop and reassess. Worst case I'll need to go back for the lift, best case they drop nicely and I don't need a lift for years. A little sag 'natural look' doesn't bother me, I'm not 18 anymore and so I don't need ultra perky! Would post a pic but im way too discouraged to do so right now. Also a little post-op blues. :-(
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