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  1. I get them done and love them. I do get infills every 3 weeks, so they are high maintenance to me. If you have them done by someone good, you won't notice them on as they're extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. No mascara required but, like Donatella said, it's so damn hard to put eye makeup on around them. All I wear is liquid eyeliner and I have to try navigate around the lashes to put it on - it's difficult. I imagine it would get real messy trying to put eyeshadow on, etc. Removing eye makeup is even harder, as you're supposed to use a cotton bud with water-based makeup remover. You do have to be more careful with washing your face (don't wanna get them drenched or get cleanser on them). I'm even careful when washing my hair in the shower too. It is an effort taking care of them, but I want them to last as well as they can. Infills cost me approx $60 every 3 weeks. Honestly, they're a bit of a pain in the ass to maintain but they look so good so I keep them! Feel free to ask me any more questions.
  2. I agree. Unless your boobs naturally sit wide on your chest, you won't get heaps of side boob unless you go a fair bit over your bwd. I personally love extra side boob .
  3. Benefit's They're Real mascara all the way. I stuck with it once I discovered it.
  4. I'm approx 165cm and 50kg (maybe slightly less now). I got 385cc (L) and 415cc (R). They don't look big at all but I now measure a 10DD. I'm a fair bit smaller than you too, so don't be concerned about them being too big. I wish mine were bigger.
  5. I have both nipples pierced (got them done approx 6 years ago) and put them back in a few days post op. It was earlier than 8 days post op that I put mine back in. I'm now nearly 8 weeks post op and haven't had any issues with them.
  6. Super comfy too. It's this one. It has got an integrated silicone wire but can't even feel it. I found it at myer but they didn't have many in stock, so it was a lucky find.
  7. My first post-op bra. So damn hard to find a 10DD wirefree bra in store. This was a lucky find.
  8. Me too (from a 10B though). How exciting for us both!
  9. This. I wish I knew that the real thing would be noticeably smaller than the sizers I tried on pre-op.
  10. My right is the slightest bit higher. It's getting better every week. I'm about 4 and a half weeks post op now, and it's now dropped lower than it was last week. We just need to be patient.
  11. I started a 10B and my bwd was slightly under 12cm. I went to the max my doctor would allow. I got 385cc (L) and 415cc (R) high profile unders. I'm only 4 weeks post op today so haven't been measured yet. I would have wanted bigger but he would not do it due to my petite frame and my bwd. I figured I better listen to him as I trust his opinion. I see other girls going bigger, but their bwd is bigger than mine and I understand they can due to that. Maybe I'll have another BA in future .
  12. Bigger. Although I went the max my dr would allow, so maybe there is another BA for me in future.
  13. Yep. They will be noticeably smaller once the swelling goes down. 385cc isn't big. My post op bra was so tight and leaving idents in the early post op days, but now it fits just right at 3 weeks post op. They will definitely shrink (unfortunately...).
  14. I had a look on some of my papers for you. Mine are Allergen's Natrelle Inspira TSF (Soft Touch Full Projection) implants.
  15. Dr Dona was my doctor and I'm 3 weeks post op. I had a straight BA, so can't answer all of your questions but can answer some. I paid $2000 to secure a surgery date and transferred the remaining balance via bank transfer. Not an interstate patient and it was a day surgery (no spending the night). The surgical bra was provided and fitted on me after surgery. Any other questions, feel free to just ask or message me.
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