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    Breast augmentation and Lift
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    1st June 2016 Dr Thanakom
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    150cm Tall , 56 kilos , 10 A
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    Anything outdoors .

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  1. Hi Kait I had Dr Thanakom june 2016 , he was fantastic as were all staff at PIAC .
  2. Hi there Im booked June 1st Dr Thamakon BA/BL Ill send a friend request ,would love to see your results Cheers Dani
  3. Yes i did read that bad review as well , have been following a lot of Forums for a couple of years and yes they all get a bit of a crappy review at times , but i guess Cosmeditour just feels right for me . They havent been pushy , they ring every couple of months just to follow up . They are organizing the hotel accommodation,as it was around $ 250 aud more if we booked it ourselves . Cheers Dani.b
  4. Hi PhuketboobieS2 I am in the final stages of booking my BA/BL at Piac. Dr Thamkton or something like that , originaly tried for DrBoonchie but he is not taking bookIngs at this stage . Will fly over at the end of may and spend around 3 weeks there . Staying at the Sun Sea Sand resort . Im booking through COSMEDITOUR . Will send a friend request as would love to follow your journey . Cheers Dani.b
  5. Stunning result , only hope mine will look half as good .
  6. Congratulationson the new twins , hope your recovery is smooth . Would love to see some photos as we have similar bodies .
  7. Im going through Cosmedi tour June 2016 , just waiting on elective surgery here in Australia before confirming dates for Phuket . Will try for Dr Boonchai or Dr V
  8. I have told no one yet , my partner and i decided after years of being flat chested , its time to get my confidence back . Its so hard buying clothes when you have no boobs .we are booth looking forward to having surgery in may 2016 and the new wardrobe to follow . Cant wait to buy new bikinis that i can fill out . Dont worry about anybodies negative comments , as i bet they have boobs and just dont understand. Cheers Dani
  9. Cant wait to see your results from Dr Boonchai , he is my prefered doctor but im not travelling till May / June . Will follow with great intrest . Cheers DanI b
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