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  1. Hey ladies! I'm 8 days post op and WHAT a journey! My surgery went well. Dr Richardson did Nipple adjustments as well as an under the boob incision. I'm 360 right and 425 left to correct assymetry and I gotta say I'm LOVING them! I have a newfound love for my body shape The first couple of days of recovery were hard. I was given endone for the pain and by about the 3rd day I'd already run out! Driving in bumpy cars, walking with my shoulders straight back and even taking deep breaths felt really difficult but every day gets better! I came up with a system when it comes to pain relief and how to determine if you need more/are trying to ween yourself off the hardcore stuff, which helps because constipation is a Mother F'er! Every time i felt something, which ranged from aches to sharp pains, i'd ask myself on a scale of 1(pinprick) -10(worst pain ever make it stop!) how painful is it? if it was anything below a 5 I'd deal with it, tell myself to have a teaspoon of concrete and harden up princess Then anything above a 5 I'd look at when was the last time I had pain relief and take more etc. I found it really helped me address the feelings that I was getting on my girls and try to identify if it was normal and what wasn't. I've been getting morning boob pretty bad, but i find if i get up and do a gentle shimmy of my shoulders it goes away after time. I'm also down to sleeping on only 1 pillow on my back, but I haven't had a full nights sleep yet. I keep waking up in agony and wanting to roll onto my side in the middle of the night. I bought a whole bunch of those synthetic crop bra's that you can buy off the TV to wear when the post-op bra gets a bit much and I can't reccommend them enough! I wear them sleeping too. I've been spending a bit of time not wearing my bra, only 15 mins here and there just to let the girls breathe, coz up in Darwin its pretty hot all the time and synthetic clothing really takes a toll on your BO I keep having to remind myself that I'm not able bodied so that my boobs won't need to tell me when i'm straining myself. I'm driving, carrying 6 bottles of wine and i do feel like i should ease up. I'm scared that I'll be damaging them if i don't. After about the 1 week mark they started to feel a little bit more normal, and you can even see in the pics how much they've changed and it's only been a week!! It's crazy to think what they'll be like in a couple of months. The first pic is day 1, second is day 4 and 3rd is 1 week post op. Lemme know if you have any questions girlies! This is still one of the best decisions I think I've ever made!
  2. I'm booked in for 3/8 BA w Unilateral Lift Looking forward to it now!
  3. @Miss77 I'll be going in for surgery on the 3rd of August I'll be coming from Darwin so I'll have my final fitting on the Tuesday the 1st and we'll decide on sizing etc then and there. but I'm currently a B/D (Left-Right) so fixing the symmetry is the main goal for me. I'm definitely getting pretty excited. I've been working out heaps and trying to get my body in as best shape as possible so it's going to heal better (well fingers crossed that's what will happen ). @Now or never what are your surgery dates etc? What has everyone's doc said about pre-op meds etc? Mine's saying to stop taking the pill 2 weeks before and stop the booze at the same time too. What are yours saying?
  4. Hey I'm booked in for a unilateral BA with DR Richardson in August too! GO US! If there are anymore girls booked in for surgery in AUGUST I wanna hear from ya!
  5. Hiya Ladies, I'm booked in for my Unilateral Breast Augmentation in August with Dr Richardson. I was just wondering what other people's experience with him and correcting the tuberous breast situation. I've read on here a few things about his work not turning out so well and ladies haven't been as pleased with him because after they dropped they were very low. Can anyone share with me their experience if they've been in a similar situation please? I'm beginning to have second thoughts :S
  6. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Dr. Kasemsak from Destination Beauty. I've been quoted by him for a breast augmentation as I have asymetrical breasts and would like a correction. Has anyone heard of Dr. Kasemsak and his work at all? he plans to use two different sized implants to correct. I have also been quoted by PIAC and another Thailand surgeon for a Breast Lift in the larger breast and and augmentation but I don't fell comfortable having a lift, as I understand that I wont be able to breastfeed after I've had a lift. Has anyone else been in this situation at all? How did you go about your surgery? I'd love some advice as I'm really not sure. Thanks! xx
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