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    BA - Lost a lot of breast tissue & back fat from losing about 5kgs by becoming fit & healthy.
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    Dr Miroshnik (Sydney) 10th Nov 2015
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    175cm / 63kg / B Cup - Now D/DD
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    Business Owner with my Husband (Marine Maintenance)
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    Boating, Summer, Fitness, Drinks with Friends.

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  1. Hi Luv! I had chose to keep it quiet as I didn't want the judgement that I know friends had experience back when we were our early twenties, so I had only told my gf coming with me and my husband. I did feel that I wanted to be open with a few of my close girlfriends and I knew I might need emotional support as I'd be out of action from the gym for a while which is what keeps me sane.. Well my husband had other plans and told the whole freaking world! I lost about 5kg and with it all my back fat so boobs went from a padded D down to a B (not that anyone had noticed really) so I was adamant that I could keep it to myself and no one would notice as I just wanted to go back to a D. Anyhoo fast forward to two weeks post op when I had been home a week and established all my staff new (which are men) and that I'd been quite the topic of convo! But, all responses were positive! Everyone thought they looked quite natural and a couple of friends then booked theirs in. My biggest fear was my family knowing and after a few wines one night it came out, much to everyone's surprise because no one could tell and it was much of a muchness and everyone moved on
  2. I had mine done November as I wanted at least one last summer with confidence before kids. I'm 30 in April and thought I'd be happy any time after that to accept if I fell pregnant. Now I have more confidence in myself and feel good about how I look that such a weight has lifted and now I'm enjoying life more and will prob put off kids for a while longer.
  3. Hey chic, I flew from Perth and took a girlfriend and her 9 month old. Dr M makes you stay 5 nights before flying and won't allow you to fly home on your own due to the damage you can do lifting your suitcases especially putting anything in the overhead locker. I wouldn't suggest recovering by yourself anyhow as everyone recovers differently and some people need help getting out of bed, or bathing or food prep etc. I also stayed at The Meriton as it was bigger and more apartment style than studio.
  4. I'm a 10D-DD and went a bit crazy buying bikinis as my BA was November Seafolly halter in a 14 to be conservative or 12 to not. Seafolly Bandeau in a size 10 Triangl brand in a balconette 10++ Traingl brand bandeau small Victoria's Secret 10D
  5. I had excrutiating back pain from about 4 / 5 weeks. It wasn't anything to do with extra weight or hunching, I found it was to do with sleeping. I'm a front sleeper and was fine in the early days after my BA sitting up spewing and also the Valium I was given, but when I was able to start sleeping flat my body would try to roll and I'd wake up in all sorts of odd twisted positions. Eventually I wasn't sleeping at all because it was so uncomfortable. Panadeine helped and remedial massage (just half an hour sitting upright in the chair) made a huge difference! Once the pressure and pain begun releasing from the massages I was able to sleep on my side with a pillow tucked under my boob. I also got a lumber support for my chair at work which helped as I mainly sit for a living.
  6. Hey Chic, Yeh I am now a 10D 9 weeks after that pic was taken and I went 330ccs dual plane. It is a 14 top and quite good coverage, I can now wear size 12 if I don't want to be so conservative.
  7. Well Merry Christmas Ladies! I went back to Metafit yesterday, and have bought an amazing Berlei underwire DD bra that holds everything tight down so looking forward to the coming two weeks off and going to runs along the beach.
  8. I'm 175cm weighing around 60kg and generally fit a 8-10 and was a 10b with excess skin to fill and very fit and active. My surgeon took in 295s 315s and 330s. He decided the 330s to fill the deflated pockets up top. I'm sitting about a 10d-DD 6 weeks post op and have been back to exercising within a couple of weeks of having them done. He wanted me to try the bigger sizers but I said no as I didn't want them fake and obvious and I'm so happy because everyone's told me they look amazing and wouldn't know any different if my husband hadn't have told them!
  9. 330cc dual plane year drop, started 10b now 10d-dd at 6 weeks PO
  10. I have those and wore them on the weekend! They are terrible for tanning but great around family and kids- have a look at the seafolly triangle they also fit well and look lovely These I bought day 2 PO (thats when photo is from) and they look even better now they're dropped and fluffed a bit Seafolly are great because they are separates - I am a 10 top in that one and a 10 bottom but am a 14 top in triangle.
  11. I have been so busy and have worn myself out a bit socialising and with work to be honest! But am feeling good - everyone has been very positive and have confirmed that they don't look fake and if they didn't know wouldn't have really figured it out because they were used to be having so much padding and cleavage before! #winning I can't wait to train upper body properly again - mainly back and shoulders because I've turned into a bit of a hunchback but am still doing a fair bit of exercise which has kept me sane
  12. Any progress is good progress! As much as I think Kayla BBC is good, I do agree with the other girls in incorporating heavy weights. Before my BA I was doing 2 pump classes, PT twice a week and Metafit (which is hiit similar to Kayla) once a week. My PT focuses on muscle groups, we we will work say glutes one day or back and shoulders etc, or biceps and triceps and a lot heavier than say a pump class and I built a lot more definition. The pump class was like weighted cardio and as its more reps at a lighter weight also toned Diet also has to be on point though and I've found having a meal plan to follow done by my PT definitely made a difference in how well I ate. I'm saying all this at 5 weeks post op and chomping at the bit to get back to it because I can see I'm slowly losing a lot of what I've worked so hard for 😞
  13. I am a few kgs less than you but same height and was a 10b and went 330c and am sitting about a d/dd post op.
  14. That heavy feeling passed for me a couple of weeks ago and they've dropped so nothing's overly tight anymore top of my boob skin is squishy! I just think it's a conscious thing too not wanting to damage them and I can feel the side stitches. I had a lot of skin to fill- this was like 5 years ago and terrible pic but that was a good push-up strapless but I always had cleavage!
  15. About 4 and a half weeks PO.. Mountain climber yes that's probably more accurate on how I used to sleep.. Atm even being on my side I can feel like aching from my boob having pressure on it.. I did however have an incredible sleep last night now my neck and shoulders are loosened up and slept with one arm and shoulder kind of under the pillow supporting me on my side. It's this bloody side boob that's cause all the grief I tell ya haha.
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