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  1. @Ittybittyk I didn't have much tissue to begin with, they were a saggy A/B. I had a lift with 390cc textured rounds. Im seeing my surgeon on Tuesday. I Definetly feel like there's something wrong with them. The right also sits lower and the nipple is higher on breast.. i think maybe its lateral displacement or bottoming out ?
  2. Mine are under the muscle too. I figured a little bit of movement would be normal but this just seems wrong ?
  3. Hey ladies! I need to know what's normal for implants. Do yours pretty much stay put when you lay down without a bra? Or do they fall to the sides? And how far post op are you? I've worn a bra to bed ever since I had mine done in Feb but I took it off in bed last night and they fell to the sides. I hate it. I'm just wondering what's normal before I ask my PS about it.
  4. I had a lift and augmentation with 390cc hps with him in February. I definitely couldn't have worn a tighter post op bra. I liked the lorna jane one and even once I was given the Marena at 1 week post, I never wore it because it was too restrictive and hurt my incisions.
  5. How are all the feb ladies going? I'm just over 2 weeks now! Can't believe how much they've changed already. @bikinichic I find mine disappear in clothes too, but I'm still so happy with them so far.
  6. I was shown by the nurse at my post op and she just firmly stroked her finger from one side of the scar to the other. Just check with them on Monday
  7. I'm 12 days post op from a lift and unders and I've found it to be a lot harder than expected. I'm glad I had my hubby to help me out especially for the first few days. I couldn't open a fridge, make food, put shirts on etc. I was so out of it for the first week atleast on painkillers, I just lazed around so probably could have gotten by. I was able to do some basic things for myself like go to the toilet. Travelling on the 5th day would be very stressful though. But everyone handles pain different. Personally Im glad I am close by to my surgeon as I've found the post op recovery to be a very stressful time and its reassuring to know my surgeon is close by.
  8. Oh no that sounds awful! I'm still getting morning boob too, but its both sides and just an even, burning stiff pain. Its strange that its just one side? Could be the nerves adjusting? It wouldn't hurt just to give your PS an email to see what he thinks? Ive tried sleeping in my compression bras but they feel suffocating and so painful on bruising and incisions. I let them know and they said to just wear whatever is more comfortable so ive been wearing a crop. I've seen a lot of pics of girls getting bigger when they drop and fluff, especially if they're under the muscle!
  9. Over a week post op. Hubby goes back to work so its back to reality with the kids tomorrow. I feel like I've dropped a bit already! I love them so much! I'm still getting a bit of pain, my lift incisions and my muscles are still sore but its getting better every day. How is everyone going?
  10. I've seen a lot of girls very unhappy with their results from TCI, especially Dr Duong. He's botched a few in the facebook group im in. Search Breast Implant Advice - Pre and Post Operative Support on facebook and join. Then search his name. You'll be able to talk to many unhappy girls that have been left botched by him and other drs at TCI.
  11. I still can't believe I have boobs either! How long did it take everyone to drop and fluff? Day 7 today and still have bit of frankenboob going on. Still on pain meds but I don't think my post ob bras are helping because they are so sore and digging into my incisions and bruising so I'm back in my lorna lane crop.
  12. @bikinichic im on my phone and i just go to the menu up the top on the right, then gallery, then add images and it gives you the option to add an album. Hope this helps!
  13. I had a lift and implants with him last Friday. I couldn't be happier with them and the experience so far! My suturing is very neat. Highly recommended him!
  14. @JSWow you look great! I'm still feeling really sore and bruised. I got my dressings removed and fitted in my Marena bra yesterday and its way too tight on my chest, i feel suffocated. Luckily I have a carefix anna so I'm wearing that but its still tight. I tried panadene forte last night and my hand felt itchy and swollen and felt so nauseous so I'm off that. Ive emailed to see if there's anything else I can take because panadols not cutting it. Lol i was hoping to be off everything by now but I'm still really uncomfortable and sore. Im beyond happy with the suturing, he has done an amazing job! ! I think you'll be thrilled with yours too. @Jbaby I was very bruised and swollen on my sternum too but not that bad.ive been icing heaps. its gone yellow now. I had a post op yesterday at day 4 and they want me back in 2 weeks to check on it. Have you sent photos to your PS?
  15. I had thought that movement aiding healing too.. sooo I've tried to get up and move around the house but it actually feels like I'm overdoing it as my pecs start throbbing and the pain is much worse. If I lay in bed then I don't move them as much and I feel better. I had unders and a lift also so maybe that's why. I'm still icing on and off and that is really helping too.
  16. Wow you washed your car! Lol . I think overs definitely must make it easier. Im still on endone for pain and in lots of discomfort. Hubbys still pretty much doing everything for me! I'm going to get some arnica too, but ive been finding it hard to find. Im loving the size so far, i think they'll be perfect when they drop and fluff.
  17. I'm on day 3 and sounds very similar to what I'm going through. Ive been taking coloxyl for the constipation but it hasn't worked yet either. You may need to get something from the chemist to help get things going because the painkillers are awesome at backing things up. Its also really painful, stiff and tight when I get up in the morning. I take an endone then wait a bit before I get out of bed. No idea how long this lasts for, hopefully not much longer though!
  18. Thanks Slatts! Great to hear you're feeling amazing, I can't wait for that. They still feel foreign and I was up again in pain this morning and couldn't sleep. Day 3 today. @JS how have you been feeling?
  19. Oh i love all of those! Roseanna arkle was my dream pair! She has 390cc. Just remember because we're so petite we will get a bigger fuller look with less ccs than it takes taller women. @love and glitter xo you are crazy, yours are seriously perfect! You are gorgeous!!
  20. @barbalicious40 could they be mondors chord?? It looks very similar.
  21. Haha yes I lost some popcorn down there earlier! That's definitely a new experience!
  22. @Effie im 5'1 and 46 kg and I just had 390cc hp implants done on Friday so I'm still really bloated and swollen but so far I love the size on my frame! Can't wait until they d &f. Do you have any wish pics of the look you are after?
  23. Thanks @Jade01 I also had a lift and unders so I'm finding it a bit sore at the moment. That's great that you only need panadol, hopefully I'm not too far off that too. How is everyone loving their new boobs so far?
  24. How long were you all taking endone for? I'm only 2dpo. Ive been taking it every 6 hours but I missed my midnight dose last night and woke up in so much pain. And more pain and stiffness this morning. I couldn't think about coming off it yet but I didn't really want to be taking it for very long.
  25. Definitely go by what Dr R says! I went slightly over my bwd by 3mm i think which he was happy to do, however I had saggy boobs that had been stretched by breastfeeding and needed a lift so maybe that helped. Plus my implant is a bit smaller at 390cc. With all the extra risks of the 560s, I would just settle for 520 and have faith that Dr R will make them look amazing! I don't think the size difference is enough to warrant risking a double bubble and more money on further surgeries and a longer recovery time.
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