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    I have mild tubular breasts, bad shape and large aerolas. I want to leave my aerolas alone though and want a natural result because I'm thin and don't want it too noticeable. I have been researching Tear drop textured under muscle but any suggestions would be great.
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    Still deciding
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    Animals, Art, Shopping, Coffee

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  1. Thank you so much for your replies. I have heard of a lot of women having numbness in one nipple and not the other but what really scares me is not feeling much at all in both. I didn't realise it took so long for the nerves to regenerate. Thats amazing! I guess you just have to way up the pros and cons. I love my nipples sensitivity and sleeping on my stomach, but I cringe when I look at my breasts in the mirror and hide them as much as possible from others, also swimwear shopping is a long drawn out process...
  2. How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
  3. Hi everyone, I am new on this forum and waiting for my first consultation with Howard Webster to increase my breast size - yay!. I have wanted a BA for as long as I remember and always thought my breasts did not look right.. Turns out they are mildly tubular with large aerolas. I am currently a12 A and really want to increase to a max C. Although I hate the appearance of my breasts, my nipples are very sensitive and I love them (even though they are on the larger side). My biggest concern is loss of nipple sensation...did any of you suffer from loss of sensation? if so how long did it last? was it severe? where was your implant placed and what incision did you have? Any stories would really help! Thanks Ladies x
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